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More preview out!!! Everyone, share with ur friends on FB/Twitter so they can see how AWESOME this drama is! For latest previews just follow me at ====================================== A Gentleman's Dignity Episode 4 Video Preview Bald guy: Don't you remember seeing me? YiSoo: This person is… DoJin: The first blind date is not finished yet, guy #2 will make another appointment next time. Min Sook: You've lost your appetite right? Tae San: Who says so? I have a really good appetite now… DoJin: It's 5.5 hours ago. we're in hotel now… Mom: Your friend came and took it away. YiSoo: Is this what a guy with one side love will do? DoJin: What's wrong? so I can't sleep with other girls? Are you going to sleep with me? Anyone else in love with this show?
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i like this drama...
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2 episodes per week?
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i love this show too... its funny, acting is good, story is believable, and actors are all so charismatic
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Check out the Ep 5 preview too!!!
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