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It just occurred to me, almost all of Se7en's hit song became his story in real life. He was once a popular artist under YG Entertainment. After an unfortunate event he lost his girlfriend and then he left the YG family and walked on his own. I wonder if Se7en revisit his older songs and if he does I bet it's like like an invisible sword striking his heart.

I'm Going Crazy

Featuring Park Han Byul, his real girlfriend at that time. This song sings about the difficulty of maintaining a relationship as a celebrity. After being together for almost a decade the pair broke off due to Se7en's scandal. In the end, his girlfriend really went left him.

When I Can't Sing

The ironic thing about this song is he's singing about if his fans and girlfriend would leave him if he was no longer famous, if he can't sing. In the end, his girlfriend and fans were only with him because he was supported by YG.

Somebody Else

I imagine this is what Se7en is thinking when he heard the news of his girlfriend dating another man. "A different person other than me is standing before you, smiling at you
Your back getting farther away is holding onto me, with the pointless hope that you might look back."

Comeback to Me Part 2.

The best song of Se7en and probably the one with lyrics that are piercing his heart after breaking up.
"With a comfortable feeling
I have greeted you lately
Are you happy? Who are you meeting?
You're lovely as ever
I hope you love well (live well)
Without anymore hardships (no more)
I'm waiting to hear that
your new love is treating you well
Be happy, now be happy
For how much you've been hurt beside me
It'll be difficult so difficult for you
But like you who can't do anything for me
I am praying for you (I also pray for my sake)
Am I too far away from you? (Am I going furthur away?)
You haven't respond to my greeting
So the place where I erased you from my heart,
Starts to hurt once more"

I'm Good

Se7en's latest release shows that he is doing okay and overcoming his struggles.
"There鈥檚 no place I can lean on
There鈥檚 no one I can tell
Yes, I was alone
It was tough and I was very lonely
I didn鈥檛 know what I could do
Even I couldn鈥檛 get a chance to say my true feelings
It seemed my heart was bursting so I thought it was over"
It must've been tough being Se7en but hopefully he learns from his mistake and is able to move on.
I love all of his songs. and any fan that left him because he's not under YG anymore were never real fans to begin with.
Yeah I feel the same way with 2ne1's Minzy. I hope 2ne1 fans will still support her as a solo artist.
omg I don't follow a lot of my favorite artists enough, I didn't know about any of this, I love se7en and I have listened to him since the beginning, tbh I don't pay attention to idol's companies and I don't care as long as their music is good and the company isn't using them to the point that their life and health is in danger (*cough* SM *cough*)
I heard of those stories!
SE7EN is king (or at least one of a few) I don't care what anyone says!!!!!
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I LOVE this man!!!! 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
sure does hurt my heart that he went through all he did. but I know as time goes by, he will gain confidence and strength... I stand behind him for who he is, not because of his label. <3
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