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This comic is both amazing and frightening. There's an animal like that in the ocean. The ocean. Scariest place on earth.
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@GarrusVakarian @GuzmanDiaz @minjaeturtles @BlackMage @JohnLee @MasriDaniela Yeah, talk about a creature that sounds like it was plucked straight out of nightmares. Yes, it is also edible. Doesn't make it any less of a crazy creature though. Thank goodness they're small.
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mantis shrimp are pretty damn chill
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so its not edible?...because if it were me and the mantis shrimp last things on earth well id totally battle it to eat it even though it sounds really interesting
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@heisenberg Definitely. It's such a cool creature. @Tweek No, it's definitely edible. Ahahahaha!
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@yinofyang then indeed its pretty cool !
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