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Que tal peeps!

I know it's been a while right? I apologize for the wait, but I'm a working woman. Thank you to those who have been supporting me and enjoying my fanfictions. I live to read yall comments!

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Yall know the drill

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I was just happy this project was the last thing I had to do for the day. After this my weekend official began and I was going to get ready to see Namjoon, Yoongi, and Hobi performance at the Lounge. As I continue to work on our project. Suddenly I hear some yelling. I look up and there she is. The wolf in sheepskin..that bitch Jewel! I try to hide my face in a book as if I didn't notice. But could anyone ignore her. She loud as hell in the library. "Sister dear! I've missed you so!" Jewel says while throwing her arms around me. I almost gaged. I wanted to disappear. I should have been paying more attention when our teacher taught us that disappearing magic spell. Koko warmly smiles as I push Jewel off of me. "Well...well I had no idea your sister was your twin. I thought you said she was a year older than you?" Koko said. "I lied. Sorry." I said. "Ah my sister is so rude. I'm Jewel. The older and sexier twin. So nice to meet you!" Jewel says in her annoying outgoing voice. "Hey I'm Koko. Nice to meet you too. Well, I guess you want to catch up with your sister so I will leave you. Don't forget to get ready for tonight." Koko smiles and leaves. I'm screaming and dying inside. I don't want to be left with this female. I was not happy about this surprise. "So are you going to show me around? This place is super huge? Do you have more friends? I can't believe you have a female friend." Jewel says while asking more questions. I pack up my stuff and put in my ear plugs to help drown out Jewel's annoying aurora. I just wish she would vanish. This school is my place and she is invading my space as she always does. I pick up my stuff and walk to my room. I ignore Jewel the whole way. I guess she was still running her mouth because I could she her jaws moving. Thank God the music was covering her voice. As I open the door l see Namjoon grinning at me from my bed. Ah he looked super sexy and he had a stuffed animal for me. I dropped my books and ran right into his arms. I inhaled his rather lovely scent. I never wanted to let go. He could tell u was super stressed and annoyed. He kissed my forehead and my lips. He didn't even notice my sister standing there. "Baby what's wrong? I hope you don't mind that I surprised you." Namjoon said while bushing back my hair. " who is this?" Jewel says I growl and ignore her as Namjoon looked up to see Jewel. "So you do have a boyfriend? I can tell you are together because yall energy is in sync. I'm Jewel." "Yes, I'm her boyfriend. I'm Kim Namjoon." Namjoon paused and looked at us. You two are twins?" He says. "Yes, Namjoon." I say while hugging the stuffed animal he brought me. "I thought you said you had an older sister that was a year older than you?" Namjoon says while looking confused. "Baby I lied. I didn't want to have to deal with ppl asking me all those dumb ass twin questions. I like being an individual regardless of being an identical twin." I say. "Or she just knows I'm the better half and she feels bad about that!" Jewel blurts while laughing. "Well, I don't about that. My Flame is perfect in my eyes. Perfection for me." Namjoon says. Jewel rolled her eyes. She wasn't used to ppl saying good things about me instead of her. She was used to getting all the praise and she didn't like Namjoon's response. I could tell she was actually pissed about it. I was super thrilled inside and pleased with her being upset. "Anyhow, babe I will see you later at the Lounge. Maybe you could bring...uh...what's her name..." "Jewel. My name is Jewel Phire. How could you forget?" Jewel says in a pissed tone. Namjoon runs his hands through his hair and laughs. "Oh yeah Jewel. I'm bad with names...nothing personal." Namjoon kisses me and leaves. I happily get ready for the show. I wanted to look super good for the night and I planned on sleeping over in Namjoon's room. Most likely we would have sex so I had to prepare for that. I begun humming and grabbing clothing and sitting in on the bed. Jewel sits in my accent chair staring me down but I ignore her. "What are you so happy for? Your so called boyfriend disrespected your sister and you are okay with that ish?" Jewel says. "No one disrespected you Jewel. You are just used to getting all the attention. Stop over reacting." I say as I figured out what I was going to wear. "No guy has ever not acknowledged my presence! Does he not know I'm from the Phire family?" Jewel says. "You are not God Jewel. Not every guy is going to drool all over you let alone give 2 shits about you being a Phire. I just hope you plan on leaving after the show." I say while stepping into the bathroom. "No. It's called family weekend. I will be here for the whole weekend. I know by then ppl will be calling out my name." Jewel says. "I wouldn't bet on that Jewel. You should just go home now. I believe there is a bus stop around here." "Besides being an asshole. Namjoon is very attractive. I bet he tastes good too. He seems like he good in bed." Jewel says. I quickly walk out the bathroom and grab her by her shirt. "He's mine! If you even think about him in that manner I will kill you without hesitation." Jewel laughed as I released her from my grip. She enjoyed my reaction. She rolled her eyes and sat down. I walk back into the bathroom to shower. I wasn't going to allow Jewel to ruin my night. I had to get ready quickly.
The Lounge was super lit! Yoongi, Namjoon, and Hobi had the place going loco. I was super happy that I came despite Jewel being there. I was enjoying the music and the company of my friends. Jessamine and Jimin couldn't stay that long because he was meeting her parents. But she did let me know that she didn't like my sister and she felt like she was her for drama. It's true Jewel is all about attention and drama. She didn't like the fact that my friends treated her like she was normal. However, she was having the time of her life with the thots at the performance at the front of the stage twerking and dancing sexually. She spent most of night doing that and he hit it off great with Tiffani and her whore bag friends. "Dude your sister....shes...I don't want to be rude." Jin says and then sips his drink. "Yeah I know Jin." I laugh. "When is she leaving?" Tae asks. "I was praying for her to leave tonight be she said she staying the whole weekend." I say while trying to hide the fact I was super embarrassed by her. "Wow, I couldn't do that in public maybe behind closed doors for my Hobi but she's like on a Tiffani level...ew" Maddie says. "Well she will be gone soon, so let's have a good time. We are going to the cabins later tonight. I don't know if Namjoon told you about that." Koko says.
After the performance we hop into our cars and head over to the camp grounds. The night sky was very dark but calming. I was surprised but not so much when Jewel decided to ride with Yoongi. I was happy that I could get a break from her. She was too much for me. Namjoon and I arrive before the others. Koko forgot her bag and Tae took her back to get it. Jungkook and Jin were gathering last minute snacks. Hobi and Maddie decided to spend the rest of the night alone elsewhere. Just like Jessamine she couldn't stand being around Jewel. Namjoon parks the car and without warning began kissing me. His kisses were powerful and seductive. I move over and sit on his lap as we began to dive into a full blown make out session. He tasted so good and I needed this so badly. Just as he was about to slip his hands up my skirt we were interrupted by a loud knock on the window. I just wanted to die. "Yall nasty!" Jewel says "You have the nerve to call someone nasty." Yoongi yelled from behind her. She laughed and beckon us to move along. I sighed and Namjoon kissed my forehead. "Just a couple more days baby. Yoongi even said that he would take her off your hands for a bit. For strange reason she likes him I guess." Namjoon says. "Probably cuz she a hoe Namjoon. Yoongi loves the hoes and she loves those who loves the hoes." I say while trying not to laugh. Namjoon laughs and we get out the car. The other arrive 5 minutes later. Byvthis time the fire is already burning. Jin hands out drinks and random food. We roast some hotdogs and we talk while we wait. Yoongi text me. Hey your sister tried fucking on the way here. I didn't want to disrespect you so I just let her give me a hand job. I laughed at the text. Yoongi and dem hoes. Jewel hasn't even been here for 24 hours and she getting freaky. Well I can't really throw too much shade. That's fine Yoongi. Do what you wish. That's between you and her. I text back. The hotdogs were ready and we begin getting ready to eat. I noticed that Namjoon's cup was empty so I get up to refill it. I wanted some more to drink too so it wasn't a problem. Jewel snatches the empty cups out my hand. "It's least I could do sister dear. The drinks are right in front of me." Jewel says. The night sky again was calling me and I look up at it as she pours the drinks. I wished Jimin, Jessamine, Maddie, and Hobi was here and I wished that Jewel would go home. She hands me the cups and I sit back down. We all eat and talk and have a good time. When we were finished eating we all head to the cabins. Yoongi and Jewel share a cabin. Jungkook and Jin share a cabin. Tae and Koko share a cabin. Namjoon and I share one. Finally I was alone with my Yong prince. Namjoon was lying down on his back on the bed. I sat on top of him. We begin kissing and playing around. I managed to take off his shirt and he had me in nothing bug my underwear. He made comments about how he loved what I had on. As we continued kissing I noticed he was sweating more than usual. But I just figured it was because we were outside or maybe he was really turned on. Then he was beginning to slur his speech. We didn't drink any liquor so I had no idea what was going on. I pull back and look at him. "Baby are you okay? You seem off." By this time his eyes were closed. I shake him a little. He quickly open his eyes and.....

Ahhhhh what will happen next peeps?! Until next time!

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The cliffhangers!!!!!!!!! I'm hooked
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