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From io9.com: "In this ad for Android company HTC, Robert Downey Jr. comes up with some bizarre suggestions for what HTC could stand for — and they become real. Including Hipster Troll Carwash. The final moments are like a bizarre dream sequence."
haha nice, I think HTC's biggest problem is brand recognition so I can see why they need to make ads like this
I love this advertisement SO MUCH xDDD And my kudos to Robert Downey Jr., he just made HTC awesome.
@JohnLee Yeah, I'm not sure what happened with HTC. I mean, it was doing really well here when they first launched the Incredible, then it kind of fell by the wayside. I've heard tremendously great things about the HTC One. @PiuPiuPENGUIN I knew you would! Half the reason I posted it was for you. Lol.