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I'm so sorry it basically took me a month to put up a new chapter.I've had huge writers block for this story and busy with the other story. So I will be putting up chapters until September 1st since I will be on a mini vacation. Hope you enjoy this chapter and future ones to come. Again I'm so sorry. Last Chapter

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It's been a couple of months since everything happened with Gia's friend and I'm actually on my way to her house.Keyshia,her mom,called me to come over since I guess the past couple of days Gia just stays to herself not really coming out of her room.I'm really not sure how I can help but it's worth a shot. I rang the doorbell and Keyshia let me in and I followed her to the kitchen. "What happened to Gia?"I asked sitting at the kitchen island. "The only thing I can think of is her having a nightmare about Antonio.Romeo isn't here to talk to her since those two were the closet.Do you think you can't try talking to her?" "Yeah.I can see what I can do." "Thank you,Here.She hasn't eaten all day.Not good for her or the baby."Keyshia said handing me the plate of food. "No problem." I took the plate heading upstairs towards Gia's room.I knocked on the door but she didn't answer so I decided to slowly open the door peeking in seeing her faced towards her laptop with a movie playing. "Gia..Gia."I said trying to get her attention. "What?"She asked turning around."Oh hey Jay.What bring you by?" "Your mom called me to talk and also gave me this to give to you."I said coming in and handing her the plate. "Thanks,but I'm not that hungry." "G.You need to eat." "I'm fine." "The baby Gia." "I'm not hungry.Did you talk to mom or she wanted you to talk to me?"she asked setting the plate on her desk. "To talk to you about a nightmare you had." "Of course she did.Since Romeo isn't here." "Yes now talk to me." I said closing her bedroom door. "Fine." "Good now scoot over."Gianmoved towards her window while I got on the bed beside her. "Was it about Antonio?"I asked to start. "Yeah,but he wasn't the only one on the ground." "Wait who.Or how?" "Well it's starts off with you trying to make me leave from the party and the fight.After the gun shots go off I rush over to Antonio's body like I did and instead of just seeing him I saw..I saw.." "Who.Rico.Lonnie?" "Me.I saw myself lying right next to him.It's almost as if my dream basically is showing me a piece of me died that night along with him." She began to get teary eyed and I couldn't help but pull her into a hug.Having a dream like that has to be scary. "Everything will be alright." "I hope it just goes away,but there is something else." "What is it?" Before she could answer she kinda jumped a little.Startled by something. "The baby just kicked.Here." She grabbed my hand placing it on her stomach.The baby kicked again and wow.The baby is strong. "Either you got a soccer player in there or the baby hungry.I said handing the plate to her. "Imma say hungry." She grabbed the plate and began eating. "Do you know the gender yet?" "I find out tomorrow." "Do you want a boy or a girl?" "Haven't really thought about it.Maybe a boy,but a girl would be nice also.Would you want to come?" "Wait you want me to come?" "Yeah.I'll be going by myself since everyone is busy.It would be nice to have someone there when I find out." "I'll go.Im not busy."I said smiling. "Yay." She gave me a hug and finished eating.I was actually going to ask her about the something else but it might involve her dream and she doesn't need to talk about it anymore. "Now let's watch a movie."I said grabbing her laptop.

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I woke up with the sun hitting my face.I slept so good.No nightmare last night.I looked at the time and I got like an hour till Jay gets here.I'm excited that he's coming but the only thing is he still doesn't know. I should tell him today.Its been WAY too long. Anyways I got out of bed head in to bathroom taking a quick shower.Ingot dressed and headed downstairs getting a bagel and orange juice. ~Knock,Knock~ I opened the door seeing Jay's handsome face. "You ready?"He asked. "Yeah." I locked the door and headed into Jay's car.The ride to the doctors was pretty quiet.Not sure why.Part of me is like come on say something but the other part is kinda happy because I have time to think about how I will tell him. We walked inside checking me in and sat down waiting for my turn. "You excited?"Jay asked. "Of course,but nervous.Just hope the baby is healthy since I just went blank on people and food." "I'm sure the baby is fine.Do I go in when they call you?" "Yeah.Just follow me." "Ok." A couple minutes later the nurse called us and we followed her to the room. "So is this Daddy?"She asked. Yes. "Oh no.Just a close friend."I said laying on the table. "Alright. This is going to be a little cold."The doctor said as she lifted up my shirt and putting the gel on my stomach. She turned on the machine and began the ultra sound. You can hear the babies heart beating and I looked at Jay.He was actually really into it.Asking questions and being amazed by the heart beat. "Wow.So this is what it would feel like to be a Dad." "Yes it is.Pretty soon you will.Ready for the gender?" "Maybe we should make it a surprise." "So I won't get to know?"Jay asked. "You can see.I want to do one of those reveal parties." "Those are fun."Said the OBGYN. "I won't look if you won't." "Ok." "Where's the restroom?" "Just down the hall." "Thank you." Once Jay walked out I asked for two ultrasound prints.Maybe I can tell him this way. Jay came back and say back down as she wiped off the gel from my stomach. "Alright so here is the envelope of the gender.Open it whenever you feel.Here is the prints." "Thank you."I said grabbing the envelopes. "Have a good day." "You too."Jay and I said. We were walking to the car I pulled out the prints. "Do you wanna see them?"I asked holding them up. "Yeah.It's beautiful hearing the babies heart beat."He said looking at the print. "It was.I'm glad the baby is healthy." "Me too.Here."He said handing it back as we got to his car. "No.Keep it."I said pushing his hand back towards him. "Why are you letting me keep it?" "Because you are the father."I said whispering the end. "What was that?" "You are the father." Jay didn't say a word and got into the car.
The whole car ride back home has been silent an uncomfortable silence. He just has been gripping the steering wheel in deep thought.He probably hates me right now and I can't blame him. He pulled up in front of the house turning off the car looking at me. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" "I tried. I tried calling you when I found out.The night I found out you were in town I was going to then I saw the girls with you and Antonio passing away it wasn't the right time.I was an emotional wreck after that." "Who knows?" Umm ok. "My family of course and yours." "Wow."He said shaking his head."You all kept this a secret from me.Even my own parents." "They wanted to tell you but I was the one that needed to.If you hate me and probably don't want any part of this I understand." "What do you mean if I don't want to be apart of this.Thats my baby so of course I'm going to be involved.I'm just..Wow..I'm going to be a dad.I wasn't expecting this to happen so fast."he said smiling. I'm guessing he isn't mad. "But Gia.Are you going to move to Korea??"
what! you want her and the baby to move to Korea? Dude marry her first!
Wait!!! just up and move to Korea?!?! (I am being unreasonable) but why does she have to move?!?!
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@FromBlue2U the next chapter will be about that
Yay! He finally knows. But shit has he lost his mind. I mean yea I get it if anything happens to the baby he can be there in a heartbeat. BUT....... we have some things we need to discuss first. Cause this... this is not going down without a discussion!
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