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Who: Reader x Kim Junmyeon What: College AU/ Angst and Smut.... everything I guess Chapter 6 Story: Break ups are hard so how do you chose to get over yours.... enter into a contract to be another man's pretend fiance for six months to impress his parents.....This outta be good.
Y/N's POV "Mrs.Wang." you said surprised. She gave you a charming smile and stepped further into the bathroom. She grabbed a paper towel and started to pat around your eyes to dry them but keep from ruining your make up. Her face became a bit tight and she looked down at you with slightly cold eyes, "You've made Jackson very angry." she said. "I'm aware of that however, I cannot control his anger issues." you said formally. "You could make things a lot easier for yourself if you followed through with the deal that was made." she said. "The same deal your husband and my father made when I was a teenager, without giving me a say in it. The same deal that bound me to your son, the man that hits me and pushes me around, threatens me and the people around me. He forces himself on me and all I can do is let him and you're telling me that I just need to obey and it'll all stop? I have done as he said in the past and he still continued to hurt me. He is still too rough with me. What kind of mother are you to raise a son like that and then to tell me to go back to him?" you said angry but your voice stayed low. She stared at you and straightened up. "If you go back to him he'll stop harassing you and your friends. Jackson was raised to be dominate and take what he wanted by any means necessary. Unfortunately we never taught him that that kind of mind set should only be applied to the business world." "It wouldn't matter either way, I belong to him because of the fucking business deal." "Don't use such crude language around me Y/N. I'm trying to help you." "The only way you can help me is by pushing Jackson off a twenty story building. At least then I'd know I'm safe from him." She laughed humorlessly, "I've talked to Jackson and he will be more gentle with you if he gets you back. You going to marry another man only makes him more angry he'll only become worse. Besides marrying Junmyeon violates the deal we made. I'm sure your parents wouldn't like that." "I could careless what they like. It was their deal it's their problem." "Say that to them then. Stop being a coward and running away from everyone. Look, I don't like the way Jackson treats you. I detest that he puts his hands on you and that he treats you like an object. I don't agree with how he chooses to show his 'love' but it doesn't change the fact that you are his fiance and that doesn't change until we end the contract. Now if you want it to end then go back to him." "What the hell will that do?" you said. "If you go back to Jackson we can sit together, all of us and talk about how we can alter the contract. We can alter the deal, fix it so that maybe you can be free of him. Honestly, I don't think he deserves you and I don't think you deserve to be abused this way but if you pacify him just for a little he'll calm down enough that I can figure something out. You need to think about it. Jackson comes back home the day after tomorrow, I suggest you visit him at his hotel before he goes and for goodness sakes will you please text him? I can't continue to replace the things he breaks in his rage." she said. She had reached into her purse while she was talking and handed you a card, it was the hotel he was staying at. You sighed, as she headed for the bathroom door you said, "Mrs.Wang." She turned around to look at you. "Happy Birthday." "Thank you dear." she said giving you a smile. She walked out of the bathroom soon after and you stayed there staring at the card. you slipped it into your strapless bra. There was no point in trashing it. You walked out of the bathroom feeling weaker than before perhaps from throwing up only minutes ago. Your violent shaking had calmed down to a tiny quake as you came back to the table. Jackson was still there; he was sitting down now talking to Junmyeon's parents and Junmyeon looked like he was ready to kill him. You came up to the table slowly and offered a smile. Mrs.Kim looked up at you, "Are you sure you're alright dear? You were in the bathroom for a while." she asked completely clueless. "Yes, I ran into Mrs.Wang in there we exchanged a few words." you said pleasantly. "Good ones I hope." Jackson smiled. You looked at him tired of fighting all of them off. You simply nodded and went to move forward when you suddenly stumbled. The floor started twisting a bit and you felt light headed. Junmyeon moved quickly out of his seat to catch you and hold you up right. "Whoa there, are your alright baby girl?" he said. Your forehead was pressed against his chest while your hands gripped his suit jacket to keep yourself steady. You took a deep breath your eyes closed so that you could get a grip and come back to your senses. He cupped your face and lifted your head so you'd look at him. "Hey, are you feeling okay?" he said lowly. You nodded, "Yeah I just got a little light headed. I'm fine." you said. He lightly brought your head down to rest on his chest and your arms wrapped around him in a hug. You could feel his hand rub your back slowly, he must've still felt your shaking. You were hungry you hadn't eaten much and what you had eaten you had just brought back up. He carefully pulled away from you and sat you down in your chair. Jackson had been standing up watching you two and when you sat down his eyes were all over you. Junmyeon whispered in you ear. "You're shaking." "I just need to eat."you said not looking back at him or anyone else at the table. You reached out for your fork and you could see how your hand was shaking a little faster now. That was uncomfortable, you felt like all your strength left you in just moments. That was annoying, "I'll see you later Y/N." Jackson finally spoke. You didn't like that promise, you definitely knew you'd see him later. There was no way in the world Jackson would be gentle to you even if he was a huge momma's boy that was something even she knew she couldn't control. You just nodded. "I think it's best you stay away from her." Junmyeon said glaring back at Jackson. "Junmyeon control yourself." his mother whispered to him. "I understand his protective nature over her. She's the type to slip away if you don't pay close attention to her." Jackson said smiling. He bowed to Junmyeon's parents and walked away from the table finally. You finally let out a breath of relief. "Is that young man really your friend Y/N? You hardly spoke to him." His mother asked. You looked up at her and gave a weak smile, "I apologize for the rude behavior, I'm afraid I'm not entirely feeling well." you said. "Hm, I knew it may have been too soon for you to come out. Now Junmyeon, I understand you don't want men fawning over Y/N and you may get a little jealous but that's no reason to be rude. She's a lovely lady you should feel honored everyone loves her." Mrs.Kim said. Junmyeon was looking at you intensely, you wondered if he even heard what his mother just said. He leaned in closer to you. His hand was on the small of your back holding you steady. "Junmyeon did you hear me?" his mother said. Junmyeon leaned in closer to you and pressed his forehead against yours. "Junmyeon." you said surprised. "He's not going to touch you." Junmyeon whispered low enough that only you could hear. "Myeon, your mother is talking to you don't be rude." you said. You couldn't help but want to push him away when ever he claimed he'd protect you. No one could protect you, no one cared about you that much. Junmyeon wouldn't stop till you absolutely knew it though that he was not letting you go back to Jackson. "Listen to me baby girl." he said softly You looked him in the eyes and his gaze was intense. "He's not going to touch you again. I mean it." he said. Damn his eyes could melt you, he did mean it and you saw it and that scared you. You looked away from him again. "Junmyeon answer your mother." you said lowly. "Look at me baby girl." he said. His voice was rich and soothing. Your heart felt like it was swelling to three times its size. You wanted yourself to calm down but it wouldn't happen as long as he was talking to you so softly and sweetly like that. Junmyeon said he had trouble being gentle but that was a lie, he may lose himself a bit during sex but all in all he was gentle, warm and kind. You were looking down and tears were forming in your eyes. You took a deep breath and looked him in his eyes. His hand cradled your cheek, "I promise you baby girl, you don't have to be scared." "Junmyeon answer mother." you begged closing your eyes. He kissed your cheek and brought you in for a hug. "Is everything alright?" his mother said. "We'll have to have dinner some other time Eomma. We're gonna head home, I'm gonna put her to bed she's not feeling well." Junmyeon said. He pulled away and brought out his wallet and placed enough won on the table to pay for dinner and leave a tip. He turned to you grabbing your wrap and holding his hand out to you. "Don't get up too fast you'll feel dizzy again." Mrs.Kim said. His father had stood up and you were pulled up to Junmyeon. He helped you with your wrap and asked you to stay at the table for a moment before he pulled his father away to talk to him. Mrs.Kim looked up at you. "Junmyeon really seems to adore you." his mother said. "Yeah it would seem so." you gave her a small smile. "Are you ready to get married, dear?" "Do I seem like I have cold feet?" you asked concerned. "Sweetheart, Junmyeon's father and I were in an arranged marriage, I was nervous too but I eventually came around. He actually turned out to be a sweet gentle man." "Junmyeon is too." you smiled with a bit of warmth now. "I can tell, he's very protective of you. However, you don't seem nervous. You honestly don't seem like getting married to him is a problem. You look very comfortable with Junmyeon. You did not look comfortable with Jackson. What's going on?" You lowered your eyes looking guilty and took in a breath, "There's just a lot of bad history between us." "I'm assuming Junmyeon knew about it which explains his behavior. I won't pry into something that has nothing to do with me but if you feel the need to speak to a woman you can always call me." she smiled. "Thank you Mrs. Kim." Junmyeon and his father came back over to the table and Junmyeon offered you his arm. When you looked up you caught Jackson's eyes on you from a table in the farther corner, his mother was busy talking you could tell because of how her hands were moving. That was how she talked to Jackson. He must've been down here for business and him taking his mother with him was just a way to spend her birthday with her. You had one day left, one day and he was back in China. You could survive twenty four hours. Your body still unconsciously curled itself into Junmyeon's arms as he pulled you away from the table and out the door. Junmyeon's POV Normally, Junmyeon could control himself but the confirmation that Jackson had hurt her had kept him incapable of holding back his hatred of the blonde foreigner while in front of his parents. He had the nerve to come over to the table and address her so kindly like they were friends. It sickened him. Yet his mother being the kindly woman she was and all about proper etiquette invited him to sit down and chat with them after Y/N went up to go to the bathroom. He couldn't believe he'd ask for her number again, in front of him and his obvious threats to her. It took everything in him to keep from jamming a fork in his throat. To make matters worse, when Y/N came out she didn't look healthy. When she stumbled, he quickly caught her in his arms. He felt the way she clung to his body. He just wanted to wrap her up in warmth and tell her he loved her.... Love? He never really noticed it before. It wasn't that obvious before, he knew he liked her but the idea of loving her came so naturally to him. The girl he was holding he really was in love with. Getting her to admit she felt anything back for him would be the hard part but he knew she liked him otherwise she wouldn't have opened up. Her eyes watered up when he was whispering to her and she was trying desperately not to believe that he meant every word coming out of his mouth but he did. He would protect her with every breath he had in him. He asked his father to join him for a moment taking him to a blocked off corner of the restaurant. "Junmyeon what's going on with you?" his father asked. "Dad I think I need to use your security again." "Why is that?" "Jackson, the one that says he knew Y/N, he's getting too close to her." "Junmyeon a little flirting-" "Dad it's not flirting, he's obsessed with her. When they were together he did some really bad things to her. Didn't you notice how nervous she got?" he said. "Yes I did." "Look I just need them to keep an eye on her when I'm not around I don't want him able to get near her and hurt her. She's scared of him, she won't say it but I can see it." Junmyeon said. "Alright, I'll send two of my guys down here. They could be here in a few days." "Is there anyway we can make it sooner?" he asked. "I'll see what I can do. I'll call you when they give me an answer." "Thank you appa." Junmyeon said giving him a bow. He returned to the table with his father to get Y/N. She curled into his touch and he knew why; he could see the glare from Jackson shift from her to him when he came to get her. There was no way he was getting close to her, the look he shot back at him should've told him everything. Jackson had better be careful, he may do anything to get her back but Junmyeon would do anything to keep her from him. Y/N sighed once she got in the car but she didn't say a word to him the entire ride home. When they got I to her apartment, she went to her room and started to undress to get ready for bed. She left the door open, it didn't seem like an invite for him. It seemed more like she was just too distracted in her own thoughts to close it behind her. She had taken her dress off and placed something on her night stand before she went to her bathroom and when he heard the water running he figured she went to go brush her teeth before bed. He decided to go take a shower himself in the guest bedroom. He hadn't slept in the guest bedroom for only a few days but when he walked into it again he felt a whole new level of loneliness. He wanted to be in her room holding her and comforting her. He had gotten out of the shower and gotten dressed half an hour later and when he came back to her room to check up on her the door was cracked slightly. She was asleep when he poked his head through. A day that had started off with her being so happy had ended with her feeling hopeless and it was all because of one encounter with Jackson. The encounter made her slightly pale and she had gotten light headed to the point he had to catch her before she fell. He was worried about her so he stayed close to her bedroom just to make sure she was alright. He wondered for a second if she really was pregnant but he realized she had been on the pill for a while. Jackson just had the ability to stress her out to the point that she would almost faint. She was shaking before too, she claimed all she needed to do was eat. After she ate a few bites, her shaking had calmed but that didn't change the fact that she was shaking before and much worse. He was playing the entire night over in his head. . Friends like us don't stay away for too long That's what Jackson had said to her and it bothered Junmyeon. He knew it was a threat but he had no idea what he'd do to her. She was already losing herself as is. He got lost in his thoughts when he heard a slight gasp and a whimper coming from her room. He stood up and walked over and peaked inside to see if she was alright. She had slept for about two hours solid before she was sitting up again. He noticed a red spot on her stomach and the knife in her hand and tears dripping from her face. Shit. He came into the room and grabbed her wrist. Normally he was slow and gentle but at the risk of her doing it again he caught her quick. He pulled her arm away from her and then moved slowly on top of the bed. He was angry but he didn't let it show. Why would she do this? "What do you think you're doing baby girl?" he asked softly. With her free hand, she covered up her eye with her palm. She rubbed away the tears in one eye and wiped away the tears in the other. She only began to cry more though, replacing the tears she wiped away with new fresh ones. Junmyeon cupped her face, "Let go of the knife baby girl." he whispered against her lips. It felt like she had gripped it tighter. Her jaw clenched, her body tensed up. He wanted to take care of the two cuts she'd placed on her skin but he had to make sure she let the knife go. She must've had it in the drawer. He wondered why she had it, wasn't she trying to stop doing this? Maybe with Jackson back in her life it triggered her old habits. Was she slipping back deeper into her depression? If so how was he supposed to help her? "Baby girl, please.... Let go of the knife." Her crying became a little harder causing her to try to take in breaths. She looked drained, she sounded helpless. He kissed her lips softly, "Please." he said. "Let," another soft kiss "it." another kiss. "go." another kiss. Her grip loosened but she didn't let go just yet. He leaned in and kissed her again, this time longer and and deeper. Her caught her bottom lip between his, sucking on it a little before he let his tongue slip past her lips again. She released a small moan into his mouth and she finally let go of the knife. He laid her back down and quickly grabbed the knife before she realized she had let it go. "Good girl. Stay there baby don't move." he said. He checked her dresser drawers for any more knives and then took the one she used out of the room. He came back in bringing in a first aid kit and started to clean up the cuts she made. Once they were disinfected, he put everything away and then crawled into bed beside her. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. "Don't do that again Y/N, don't scare me like that." he said. "It helps." she said Her voice cracked a bit and she sounded exhausted but not from lack of sleep, from just having to fight at all. Everything going on was just beating her down further and further. "It helps what baby girl? Tell me what's going on don't shut me out. If you want to feel good I can make you feel good, if you want to be happy I can make you happy just come to me." She waited a moment before saying anything. Her hand came up to his chest where her face was almost buried in. Her finger light grazed against his chest, he could feel her finger nail playing against the fabric of his shirt as if it were etching out stone. "I had a dream Jackson came after you, he threatened to have you killed if I didn't go back to him so I went back with. Knowing Jackson, at any moment that threat can become very real and that's terrifying. He manipulates me even in my dreams I just can't get away. It's not your fight. I just feel like it would be easier if I wasn't here." She started to get choked up again and he kissed her hard. He rolled on top of her, kissing her enough that her tears stop building up. "I would be lost if you left me." he said "I know we made a deal-" "I don't care about the deal. If you don't want to do it any more you can end. I'm not going to force you to keep a contract you don't want but I'm not letting you go back to him either. I'm not letting him drag those old habits out of you. You were doing so well right baby? Everything just got complicated when he showed up. I'll keep him away from you Y/N. I'll protect you but you can't do things like this. You give me life, that smile, your voice, your body everything you are keeps me grounded." he said. His hand grazed the bandages he placed on her scars. "I love you." he said tenderly. She took in a shaky breath in surprise. He wasn't able to hold it back. He wasn't able to keep it off his lips. He loved her. He could see the surprise in her face as she looked back at him. She shook her head, "No." she said. "Yes." he nodded "You can't." she teared up.. "But I do." he whispered in her ear. "Junmyeon don't say that to me. Please don't- I don't want this-" "I love you Y/N I can't help it. Do you have any idea how beautiful you are to me? Do you know how precious you are too me? I hate seeing you so defeated, let me fight for you baby girl. I don't want you doing things like this, let me take care of you. You're my baby girl, I love you." "Jun-" His hand reached down to touch her thigh breaking his name from her lips. "I love you Y/N and you hurting because of him, you hurting yourself because of him, I hate it. I love you so much I can't stand to see you like this. I love you baby girl so if your scared come to me." he said. He planted light kisses all the way down her body. His lips reaching the thigh he just touched. "Now let me take your mind off of him. Only look at me baby girl. I'll make you forget him. I'll replace him, I'll be gentle and sweet all you have to do is trust me. Give in to me, let me protect you baby girl. I'll never leave you." Her hand tangled through his hair as he began to teasingly lick at her folds. He could distract her from her pain. He knew it would return though. He didn't have time to think up a plan at the moment. All he knew was that if he got her to focus on him going down on her, taking her, loving her then she wasn't focused on Jackson abusing her. For now it was the distraction she needed and tomorrow he'd distract her again. He'd keep her safe from him, she was scared. Scared of going back to Jackson, scared of what Jackson would do to him if she didn't leave him, she was scared to fall for him. All she knows is her happiness is temporary and her depression is forever. No, that didn't have to be true. He could help her, he could make her stronger. How would he start? Get her back to therapy. Chanyeol was sure she had gone before hand to help her with her depression. Separating herself from the toxic environment kept her from doing things like this. It kept her from falling into an abyss but Jackson was a loaded gun. Everytime he came around it was like someone had pulled the trigger. She got closer and closer to losing herself. Everything he noticed about her, her discomfort, her fear, her sadness it was all rooted with Jackson and her parents. He realized now why she didn't talk about her past however, just like Chanyeol said, he thought it would help her. If she trusted him enough to talk about those things she could finally get it out and let it go. She could start healing herself, he had to keep Jackson away from her though. The stress made her leave for three days and when he came back it seemed like she only came back to more stress. "Ah- Junmyeon." she moaned his name. He sucked at her clit and hearing her voice call out for him only spurred him on more. He loved that voice when it came out. Whether she realized it or not she was opening up to him, something she hadn't even done with Jongin. Good grief what would Jongin do when he found out? He didn't even know that they moved in together. He told Jongin he was staying at a girls place to make it look like he was getting married. Jongin knew about his parents pressuring him to find a wife but Junmyeon never elaborated on who it was. Jongin had made a remark about him and Y/N hanging out too much two days before she disappeared. Jongin didn't like that he was getting along with his EX girlfriend so well. Junmyeon knew he wanted her back, that's why he tried so hard to make her jealous, he knew he wouldn't get her back. If he found out Junmyeon was in love with her, that she opened up to him more than she opened up to Jongin, that they were living together....Would he make things worse? Jongin normally wasn't the one to get upset but he had torn up most of his room when she broke up with him. For someone that loved her though, he complained more about her habits than anything. These were the same habits that she had developed because someone mistreated her. Yet she had loved him at some point in time. Him cheating on her only solidified in her mind that no matter what she did the people that said they cared about her would always betray her. All of her relationships were made with the assumption that if she got too close it would only hurt more when she was betrayed so she kept them at arms length. She was trying hard to push him away. "Junmyeon stop- I'm gonna- cum." she said. Though she asked him to stop, her hand only pushed his head in more towards her. His tongue going in and out of her as far as it could then licking up her slit to circle around her clit. He nibbled at it for a moment then let his tongue enter her again, "Fuck." she gasped. She came around him and he smiled against her folds. This was the most vocal she had been with him without him asking. He crawled up to her and kissed her. Her hands reaching his face, one hand crawled down to his crotch making him groan into her mouth. "Don't baby." he said pulling back. "You have to finish." she said lowly. Her eyes were closed and her face was flush with a blush. She looked so innocent and adorable. He couldn't keep focus on her face though, her hand began to rub him through his sweatpants. He said against her lips, "It's okay baby I don't need it. I just wanted you to feel good." he said. "Then don't stop me. You want me to forget him, then keep going. I need you." she said. Her eyes opened up and she looked at him intensely. His eyes widened at what he saw within them. The first time he'd ever really seen the look of pure lust in her eyes Her hand continued to move and he bit his lip. "Do you want me baby girl?" he said dipping his head down so he could reach her lips. "Yes." "Then I'll give you what you want."
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