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lmao hey whatever gets them to recognize the group I'm on board. @MadAndrea
my mom still ask me who is singing what. I give her lesson on names. so far she knows all of B.A.P and BTS. @MadAndrea
@MadAndrea So there were about 8 photos that completely wrecked me. Dae and those sultry eyes, Dae and those lips, Dae with white hair....You got me. You really got me
so gotta show my mom this lol Daehyun is her UB and Minhyuk is her wrecker in Monsta x xD
@StefaniTre @StefaniTre my sister knows Suga. That's legitimately all she knows XD she loves their music, but has no idea about names of kpop members. The only names she knows besides Suga is ZTAO because she loved his voice and rapping, and his face lol, and Luhan because of his different styles of music and his baby face that doesn't match his voice or height XD. Maybe Kyungsoo too because she recognizes him as the short, cute, awkward, penguin with an amazing voice when I showed her the Open Arms cover lol the eyebrows too. But boom that's it. And she might know Luizy at this point. In fact she just texted me earlier saying she was update her playlist and said this exactly, "Who do I like besides BTS? I can't remember them all 😔" It was the cutest thing ever though haha XD she at least knows B.A.P because of their symbol and it's me and my nephews bias group. UNIQ is the, "Tall Chinese" group, and yes she knows they also have Korean members. EXO is the "holy shit that's a lot of members" group. B.A.P is the "Blonde bunny alien" group; because of the symbol and they were all blonde for a long time. She remembers shit weird XD Long ass comment haha, my bad.
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