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So this boy is amazing. He can sing to guys. He has maybe two to three albums out already. I know he just recently released a new one. I haven't checked out his songs yet but I will also he's worked with amazing people. I know for sure he's done a song with snoop dogg. He's done plenty of songs on his own. He's done a movie called you are my sunshine. He's maybe planning on doing plenty more. Go check out his song Cinderella girl. You will find him singing in there and it's amazing trust me. He's living his life. Owning tons of cars. Going to fashion shows. Doing his own concerts. Getting hurt less. I'm really proud of my boy. He's amazing on his own. He even went on tons of shows like charming daddy. He's going to be a weird dad but it's okay he'll turn out to be amazing because he's Huang ZiTao.
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I saw him on charming daddy makes me wish I knew him lol, he was tough but fair
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His solo stuff is soooo good. I love watching him on shows, he is so funny and charming. I just adore him 😍😍😍
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Black White is sooooo good. 😍😍😍
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