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Eli of U-KISS Tells How He Met His Wife
U-KISS Is a group of tightly knit Kpop Idols, who have done so many things for each other. Mainly, they've helped member Eli protect his wife and child from the pressure of being in the spotlight. The members all wore rings on their ring-fingers, and were supportive through all decisions he's had to make for his family.
Recently Eli talked about how he met his wife. She is a former model, and 11 years his senior.
In the interview, Eli said he first met her at a car gathering. When he first laid eyes on her, she was his ideal type. But, she had no interest in Eli.
Eli didn't give up, asking her out for a year. He kept confessing his honest feelings, and, luckily, she came to accept him. They dated for about five years before getting married.
Now that he's married, Eli has said his fanbase has changed. All the younger fans are gone, but now most appear to be pregnant. The gifts he used to receive have also changed. Fans used to give him clothes or shoes. But now that's changed to baby clothes, bottles, or cloth diapers.

Was this a love story you'd expect from Eli? Let us know down below!

Love you guys! ~Elayne

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this is why I love it when my boys find love. I want them to be happy. if they find a girl they love they shouldn't have to hide it... maybe I'm weird but I'd rather they start a family than be lonely. I'm glad Eli got to.
a year ago·Reply
I just don't understand why fans stop loving their idols once they have a girlfriend or get married. If you really love him, you'll want him to be happy with love and family. Its not like you had a chance to begin. No I take that back, because there are some lucky fans that do get to be with they idols. but That's winning the lottery. I'm off subject now. I'm just so upset about fans leaving U-kiss and Eli. Well That's their loss. U-kiss might've lost some fans but today they gain one. I'll be supporting U-kiss from now on ☺
a year ago·Reply
11 years!!? wow! he's persistent but at least it paid off. I'm happy for him!
a year ago·Reply
I didn't even know someone from that group already settled down😲I love it when idols live happily ever after🤗
a year ago·Reply
I am happy for him and I want him and his family to be happy.
a year ago·Reply