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Spark Hurry Up!!

Why can't this be an anime?!?
Ohhhhh! I seen a card that follows what happens next it's pretty awesome
@AmazingAshley they come from the Pokemon go app Spark is the leader for team instinct and then the blue one is Blanche I believe for team mystic I can't remember Valor's leader ( the red one) IDK why everyone likes spark maybe cause he's the only guy from the three teams. ppl have made him look really hot but where I am a lot of ppl are bashing team instinct (yellow team) so I like to see them giving team instinct some love even though I chose mystic lol
@xero0 lol Spark is bae❤️
hey who ever made this......go make the full version and stop teasing us i aint here for this bullshit
Am I the only one who imagines the other team leader a Blanche's brother? that's why he noticed Blanche's change
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