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This card is pointed out to the haters of Amber, Ren, and any other idol who has their style of who they are. Prepare for a rant people. *glares at the haters*
This is what is making me do this card. Yes there are only two more examples of idols but I know there are a ton more but couldn't find any.
Hey haters! Yeah. You. Who do you think you are telling idols who they should be? Telling them how they have to act like their a girl or a boy. Huh? Who told you that you're allowed to do that? No one I bet. These idols are lovely people and we love the way they are! Amber is a wonderful human being who shows her sense of style with the boyish look. Being the same as Amber with a boyish look I am criticized for it as well. Amber does not need shit like that in her life. She expresses herself with this look. It shows who she is through it. If you can't accept that oh well! Deal with it! We don't want her to change!
Ren is always asked "Are you a boy or a girl?" just because Ren has had long hair(which I think he looks perfect short hair or long hair) doesn't mean he should be asked that(this is making no sense T_T) yes Ren has modeled wearing girl clothes. So? It was a photoshoot. He said he didn't mind it and thought it would be fun. Another example, when Nu'est was going somewhere to film they went into a shop on their break and man who thought Ren was a woman asked to take a picture with him. When the man found out Ren was a man he immediately left the place. Like, what the hell. Just because he's guy? Damn. Ren is who he is. Yes, he's had long hair. He's been mistaken for a girl and people felt embarrassed a lot after finding out, but most people were disgusted finding out.
So haters go away. No one wants you around. Move so we can show our love to the idols who are being themselves in their own way. Now goodbye haters and don't come back.
tbh I think that Amber is one of the most beautiful girl idols out there
Love this, good job!
People ask Ren because they don't honestly know if he is a boy or a girl. I'd rather ask then take a chance I'm wrong. I had it happen at work....
this card is amazing love it thanks for making dis ❤❤❤👌😃
don't tell anyone who to be in general it's not cool I think they're awesome the way they are and its actually really cool that Ren models for girl clothes, you don't see that often, I thinks it's cool.