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I love Gravitation! It was my very first introduction into the world of Boys Love! ^_^ What was your first experience with BL?
Love Stage and Gravitation dual action bay bay!! Whoo!
my first BL manga was : Love is like a Hurricane BL anime: Either Okane ga nai or Junjou Romantica
@KatieSaldivar I had it on my old phone but I didn't get to transfer the music I had before it broke most of the songs I downloaded I forgot about. I honestly for got to re-download the soundtrack
@BabydollBre Yeah, I really love the soundtrack too! I have it downloaded on my phone!
this was my first BL too I watched the entire thing thinking Shoichi was a girl though Lmfao. I finally realized half way through he was a guy. I was mainly watching it because of the music but the love story hooked me big time.
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