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Exo Lotto First Win and Encore with Nct Dream. :)! Omgee Aww congrags to my Boys for their First Win and this Encore moment with NCT dream babies is just sooo adorable and Precious. Hyungs and dongseangs and their sweet interaction is sooo adorable. Check this out everyone.
NCT Dream - Chewing Gum] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN) My Babies slayed on hoverboard <3 <3 love them sooo much <3 noona is rooting for you my cuties <3 Also Check out their First V live as well Aren't they just sooo cutte aww I absolutely my adorable babies.
160825 엠카 M Countdown EXO Lotto 로또 / Louder My Boys Beingg Hella Sexxy and Deadly and they are just amazing!!
Just a cutte group pic they took after winning the Trophy look at how proud they look aww they all work soo hardd I hope they can all rest a bit more too know Love EXO Fighting Exo we ARE ONE !!
The scene when Baekhyun wiping Xiumin’s shoe on his knee :O :O AWWW!!
And here is a cutte Baekii and Jaemin Moment And just super cutte Lay and 2 chinese members moment <3 <3 aww just sooo adorable <3 <3Please do support and show love to mY Exo Boys and Nct Babies both :) <3 All credit to its actual owners <3
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Did he mention the ex members? I might of misheard him.
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lol as much as we wish that i don't think they can mention anything about ex members publicly especially during events like these sm staff and managers are actually really strict and they won't allow it and also they are n't allowed to mention to contact the members that have decided to leave sm sadly being with sm there are many rules and regulations they are force to follow.