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Your perspective Pairing: reader x Jungkook Warning: mature (suggestive) content
August 25th I woke up with strong arms wrapped around me. Last time this happened was Yoongi. Or was it Jimin? Nope, this time it was none other than Mr. Perfect, who might I remind you, I am not dating. Gradually, he woke up not long after me. "Morning Kookie" "Morning Jagi~" He was still half asleep. "Jungkook, why'd you call me Jagi?" That got him alert. "Oh er.. Force of habit?" "I don't remember you falling asleep in my room!" "What are you talking about? This is my room." I quickly took in the surroundings. Shit, I'd slept in his room. How though?
"What happened?" I asked. "Well after you kissed me, we ended up fumbling back into my room while still attached to one another, you seemed tired and so I put you to bed. You were adamant that you were sleeping here" He then proceeded to kiss my head. I tried to nudge him off. "Kook, we really shouldn't. I know I went against my word yesterday but we should be controlling ourselves after all we aren't dating" The thought looked like it had struck a nerve within him. "But you do love me too right?" My answer was obvious, "of course I do Jungkook. Seriously, I might even like you more than I liked Jin" And that was saying something.
"Then we don't need to be dating right now. Our love is all we need" "A bit cheesy" "But true. Besides, I didn't know you loved me honestly" I looked at him just like he'd told me that I don't breathe oxygen. "I really do Jungkook. Maybe it's just taken me forever to get through the other guys until I get to the right one" "Now look who's being cheesy" I giggled slightly before looking up at him. 'Control yourself' I repeated in my head over and over. It almost killed me how I was restricting myself from kissing him. He was all I wanted, he was all I needed but I stopped myself from having him.
An easy way to stop my mind whirring was to go out and get something to drink at least. God damn my stupid thirst. As I had just shut Kookie's bedroom door, a voice scared me out of my mind. "What are you doing in Kookie's room Y/N?" I knew that the voice wasn't alone, there was definitely two of them. Tae and Jin. "I was just- checking he was awake" The lie was just something I came up with off the top of my head. "Yeah of course" Jin sarcastically spoke Taehyung then went on to mimic my voice, "oh Jungkook I love you more than I loved Jin, have my babies" My face heated up, not just from being embarrassed but from anger.
Jin even joined in after that, "it's taken me forever to get through Bangtan so that I could get to you, my love" I couldn't tell whether it was meant in a light-hearted way or not but I was not happy in the slightest. The problem was that all I could do was stay quiet. "So you and the maknae are a thing?" "Have you two had sex yet?" "When's the wedding?" "You planning kids?" It was like having flipping reporters hassling me with questions. "Guys, do you mind? I need a drink!" "Oh so he's got you thirsty now, such a thirst trap our maknae" Tae teased. Both boys followed my every move.
"Guys I suggest you go before-" "What? We regret something?" Tae was now the speaker out of the two and his tone was just begging for my speech. "The only thing you've ever regretted, Taehyung, was paying a good sum of money to buy some skimpy underwear that I refused to wear so you had to return it while out shopping with your parents" That got Jin into a fit of laughter. "So can you leave me alone now?" "One quick question." A blushed Tae managed to speak, "do you love him?" I was stood before two of my exes about to tell them that I was in love with their youngest member but I never managed it, "I don't know"