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As Zoro sits back and tries to recall if he's ever seen one xD
memory flashes above his head. . .
Wait what but didn't you just remember one xD
lol Thank you doctor obvious, for clearing that up for us. Who would want to keep that memory xD Lol and Sanji almost died after one of the other members reminded him lol xD sorry it's been awhile I've been busy I guess and haven't gotten to catch up on One Piece so I haven't had anything worth posting ^^ @LuffyNewman @DevilsSon @ChrisStephens @KurosakiJess @nimm14 hope you guys like it and as you remember this episode laugh ^^
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only wish I could to zoro me to
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lol, Sanji: give me back my dream~! 馃槶 I'm not hurting anyone! hahaha
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its "captain" obvious to you xD lol
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Oops sorry @nimm14 xD lol
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So glad I'm back to watching this anime. I have been holding it off for a long time.
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Im on episode 95 in 3 to 4 days, idk if that's considered fast.
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