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The age old question of which is better! But let's be real, which is better? I think cats because some cats like to cuddle up and snuggle. So adorable. I'm curious as to which side you're on! Tell me in the comments below. Have a nice day!
Dogs. Mainly cuz I'm allergic to cats and if I don't ignore my love for them I would end up adopting a cat to keep my dog company 馃槄 I love them all equally and if it wasn't for my allergies I wouldn't be able to answer this question
dogs because they will love is like cats and save us from danger too and they have their life to save us so dogs are better than cats
Hard for me to say because I have 3 dogs and 4 cats! lol my cats are outside cats so they like to keep to themselves except for the mom she comes hang out inside sometime. I know it's weird my cats are outside cats and my dogs are inside dogs
cats!! they don't even have to do anything for me. they just need to be their cute selves and they're already helping!! how can my day not be lightened walking up to these adorable furballs 馃槏 and cats are less noisy or destructive 馃槉
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