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Okay honestly I have seen so many posts like this regarding our boys and societies expectations of how they want them to look. THEY. ARE. HUMANS. FOR GODS SAKE! Why can't anyone just look at this and see that the man on the right is beautiful?? Abs don't determine someone's beauty. Our boys are amazing just the way they are! Why can't Armys accept them that way??? Not everything is based on looks! If you can look in the mirror and not find a single flaw please please PLEASE tell me but if you are not capable of doing so, then you are in no way able to criticize anybody. No one in this world is perfect. Min Yoongi's body should not be hated on. It should not be a meme or a comparison. It should not be AT ALL made fun of. I saw in the comments how people were laughing along and it makes me absolutely sick. His body is beautiful and honestly I'm glad he doesn't have the body on the left. It shows me that he's eating well and that he's more focused on himself rather than the selfish fans that "require" abs and muscles from bts. I love his tummy and I hope he loves it too. The left picture makes me so furious. Please stop body shaming them. THEY DESERVE BETTER.
He looks healthy and that's all we should want from our idols.
wasn't he the one that said his abs melted off I couldn't stop laughing at that. I love him and his gummy smile and his cute tummy
oml...YOONGI'S CUTE TUMMY IS LIFE 馃槩 it's so cute. probably coming back to look at this because I have no more space to save pictures or take screen shots... it's so cute....
Awwwwww his cute little tummy!! 馃挄馃挄
he has such a cute lil tum tum why would you need anything different?
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