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We all know that Korean music is beyond far amazing! In which, different groups portray a different message to their audience.

This is a basic guide of when to most likely listen to these groups based on their music.

It all depends on the mood guys~ lol

BTS: when you wanna kill someone.

GOT7: when you wanna feel f r e s h af.

BIGBANG: when you wanna throw a party no one understands.

SEVENTEEN: when you want something catchy and refreshing.

SHINEE: when you wanna throw an electro party.

BLOCK B: when you wanna bring out the weirdest sides of yourself.

EXO: when you wanna feel hella sexy.

IKON: when you wanna punch someone in the face.

24K: when you wanna get pumped up to 100%.

WINNER: when you wanna cleanse your soul with perfectly combined voices from heaven.

MONSTA X : when you wanna get pumped up to 150%.

B1A4: when you wanna cure yourself from all evil.

*Do you agree with all or some of these?

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*constant hand claps* yessssss
this very accurate!!
Love them all! so accurate, especially block b haha they're so weird
Completely agree
sounds about right