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The final behind cam for BTS aired today.

Throughout the trip, BTS experienced many things.

They had fun, learned stuff, saw the sights,

bonded with each other,

& lost things...

They even shared stuff about themselves.

Thankfully, they could heal a bit.

In the midst of it all, they still kept ARMY in mind.

Thanks to all those who made the trip possible and to BTS for continuing to bless us with their music and wonderful selves.

♡ BTS + ARMY, 화이팅 & 사랑해! ♡

This was beautiful!! 😢💕
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I really loved watching them every week, im gonna miss it. 😢
Suga got the room to himself even.....Kookie fell asleep on the couch.
which also led to that jikook moment 😌
I still cried because RM wasn't able to continue with the rest of the boys 😭😭
it's so sad thankfully we can watch them over and over.