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Hello everyone~

So despite the fact that this isn't a chapter of my VIXX fanfic, I thought I would put this out for you all! I had fun writing this oneshot and it is my first one so I hope this isn't too bad! Enjoyy~

Warning!! :

Contains a scene that may or may not cause triggers. It does not get too bad but I wanted to give a heads up!
This was it.
My life was over.
This is what I get for drinking alone like an idiot and now I am in this situation. I just pray that he does what he wants with me and leave.
"Oppa~" I yelled out as I closed the door behind me. I had just returned from a long day from work and I wanted to see him. Hoseok and I had been dating for a couple months now and despite the fact that he stays over all the time as he hates living with his roommates, he doesn't live with me.
It was weird at first - coming home and him being there, waiting for me. He would run towards me and squeeze me tightly as I walked through the door, bringing a huge smile to my face.
"Hoseok?" I called again. Did he go home maybe? I began to take my shoes off, using the wall to lean on when I noticed a pair of shoes I hadn't seen before. A set of heels.
Confused, I placed my bag down on the couch and started to head to my bedroom.
When I started to hear noises from the room, I should have known to turn back then. But despite everything, I opened the door and fell apart at what I saw.
Hoseok in bed with another woman.
They both stopped and turned to look at me, standing there in disbelief.
"Who is that, babe?" The woman asked. Babe? I started to back up slowly, tears wanting to escape.
"Y/N, wait!" Hoseok said as he climbed out from the bed and hurriedly put on a pair of pants.
I turned on my heel and started running towards the door. I wanted out. I was broken. As I was slipping my shoes on, I felt him grab my arm and pulling me towards him.
"Y/N-" The guilt on his face could not do anything to save him now.
"How long..." I whispered, trying everything in my power to hold back from breaking down at this very moment.
"HOW LONG!?" I yelled, turning to face him. His eyes widened. I never yelled, especially at him, but I guess things change. People change.
He sighed, rubbing the nape of his neck as he answered my question.
"Two weeks." My breath hitched and I froze, looking away from his face. "But she means nothing to-"
"Don't lie to me!" I yelled. "If she meant nothing to you then why have you been going around my back! Hiding this from me! For two weeks," I was beyond calm at this point and it took everything I had to not kill him then and there.
His silence gave me the answer I needed.
"I want you out Hoseok." I spat. "We are over."
I started to slip on my second shoe when he hugged me from behind. I felt him shaking as he did so, indicating that he was crying.
"Don't leave Y/N. I'm so sorry. What I did was wrong but I was afraid to tell you. Afraid that you would leave me if I did."
As he sobbed into my back I pulled his arms off of me. It took everything I had to not turn back around and hug him as I hated to see him cry but he did this to himself. How the hell did he think this would be okay? That I wouldn't find out?
"I want you gone by the morning. If I find you here..." I trailed off, my sniffling stopping me from talking. "Let's just say it won't end well for you." I slipped into my shoe and grabbed my jacket and opened the door.
"Goodbye." I said
"Y-" Before he could finish I slammed the door on his face. Completely out of it, I started running. I didn't have a destination but I knew that I wanted to go anywhere. Anywhere but there back at the house.
What an asshole. And at my house? What the hell was he thinking. How could he do this to me.
Especially when I told him...
I started to slow down as my breathing staggered. I had no idea where to go. The last thing I wanted was to go back there.
I checked my surroundings to realize that I was far away from the house as I must have ran away in my anger. I noticed a bar across the street and despite my low tolerance I went inside anyways.
The place was packed and there being no tables or booths left open I went and took a seat the bar.
"What will you have today miss?" The bartender asked me.
"Anything that's strong. Really strong." I said, just wanting to forget everything that happened. He nodded and went a brought me a drink. I immediately picked it up and started to sip on it.
Already starting to feel a slight buzz, my phone notification went off, scaring me. I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and saw 13 unread messages from Hoseok.
Wanting to know what the bastard said, I opened them to read apology over apology and how he never meant for things to happen this way and I should of texted him that I was coming home earlier.
I scoffed, shocked by how he was acting like it was my fault that he cheated on me. I threw my phone on the counter, not giving him a reply and downed my drink, making the people look over at me in surprise.
"A-Another one, please," I said to the bartender. He looked slightly worried but got me another anyways. I rested my head on the counter top and tried to let my mind wander. I was hoping to think of anything besides him, but my thoughts would just go back to him, making me even more upset.
I replayed moments of us together over and over in my head, how we would hold hands as we walked or how we would feed each other when we ate, laughing when I would drop the food on his shirt. My eyes started to tear up as I went back to earlier. Shaking it off, I lifted my head off the counter and drank half of the glass in front of me.
People were giving me weird looks now but I could care less. I was numb to others and feelings at the moment that the only thing I was could feel was the buzz I was getting from drinking.
I quickly glanced around the bar, noticing that it was emptying out little by little. As I was turning back around, I met someone's eyes. I was startled at first as he was staring straight at me, giving me a small smile but I gave him a small bow and returned to face in front of me.
I took another big drink of my glass and I could feel his gaze still on me. Sure enough, when I quickly glanced in his direction again he was still looking at me, as if he was looking me up and down or something. Nervous and not wanting to deal with people, I finished the glass in front of me and ordered another just wanting this stupid night to end.
*30 minutes later*
"M-M-Mr." I said quietly, waving my glass in front of me asking for another drink after the 6 I had downed already.
"I think you have had enough miss," He whispered to me, looking worried at my current state.
"N-No! It haven't!" I shouted, my ability to keep my words in blocked from the amount of alcohol I had taken in. "J-Just please...one more..." I whispered, tears starting to fall out. He sighed and poured me another one. I bowed deeply, hitting my head on the counter. My hand immediately shot up and rubbed the area as I whined in pain. He laughed at me and walked away to finish cleaning up the counter top.
I laid my head back down as I smacked my lips, letting my drunken stupor take over. The bar was mostly empty now. The tables had all been cleared and cleaned and there were only a few people at the bar now.
I sat back up and quickly finished my drink as I was getting tired for the night and wanted to go home. I left money on the counter top and bowed to the bartender as I stumbled out of the door.
I was shifting on my legs, moving back and forth as I tried to keep my balance. I was not walking in a straight line at all as I moved from one side of the sidewalk to the other in just a few steps.
I started to walk home when I abruptly stopped, remembering that he was there. I mentally cursed at him and raised my fist as if to hit him when I almost fell over, barely catching myself. I turned back around to go back past the bar to find a hotel.
After walking a couple of blocks I accidentally ran face first into someone. I slowly looked up to see a man that I recognized but I couldn't quite put my finger on from where I knew him from.
I bowed and stumbled as I got back up, walking ahead of the man. I kept on walking, breathing in the cold night air as I went. I was happy for the way I was, despite my inability to walk, it helped me forget everything that happened today, letting me divulge in a few hours of happiness before my world came crashing down once again.
I walked forward, one foot in front of the other when I was pulled to a stop by someone behind me. I turned around to see the man from earlier, grabbing my arm. I have to admit that he was pretty good-looking but something about him scared me.
I tried to escape from his grasp, but his hand tightened on my arm, making me wince.
"Where do you think you are going?" He whispered, making me nervous.
"L-Let go of me!" I yelled, panicking. He inched closer to me as I tried to get away. And that's when it hit me. He was the same man from before. The one who stared at me in the bar.
Fighting as hard as I could, it was no use as he pulled me into an alleyway and clamped his hand over my mouth. I whimpered, hoping that anyone could hear me and save me. His other hand slowly went behind his back and I saw something glimmer and I freaked when I saw what it was. A knife.
He slowly brought it up to my neck, holding it there. My eyes widened in fear.
"Make any noises and it's over for you." He hissed. I started to cry realizing what he meant. The hand holding my mouth disappeared as he moved it to my thigh. I whimpered, terrified by what would happen next.
"Oh, like that do you sweetheart?" He asked, smirking as he made me squirm in fear as his hand traveled up.
This was it.
My life was over.
This is what I get for drinking alone like an idiot and now I am in this situation. I just pray that he does what he wants with me and leave.
Just when I thought that my life was going great, look at what happened to me.
His hand traveled up higher onto my thigh as he grasped at my underwear, wanting to pull it down. I cried even harder at the situation, hoping that someone, anyone would see this and put a stop to it.
"Yah! What do you think you are doing?!" All of sudden, as if hearing my plea, someone came running down the alleyway towards us. Both of our heads turned to see a young man about my age with orange hair. I started to move even more and the knife at my throat slightly sliced against my neck. I whined in pain as the man tightened his grip on me and brought it even closer to my neck at the sudden appearance of the man. The orange haired man stopped as he saw the weapon to my neck.
"Move any closer and she gets it, alright?" He put his hands up, letting the man know that he wasn't going to try anything. He shifted his eyes towards me and when our eyes met his softened a bit when seeing my face and how I was crying endlessly. He moved his gaze back to the man holding the knife and his eyes quickly changed.
He moved one step at a time as he neared us, the man starting to shake as he held onto me.
"Let's just put the knife down okay?" The orange haired man suggested, bringing his hands a little lower as he neared to where we were. "No one has to get hurt." He whispered. The man holding the knife tightened his grip even harder, making me wince. He suddenly stopped, and brought his hands back up at my cry.
He glanced between us and when the man holding the knife looked away for a split second to look back at me the orange haired man acted. He swung his fist and hit the guy square in the face, knocking him down as he let go of me and the knife fell to the ground. He hissed on the ground and pain and started to move to get back up again.
Before he could act, the orange haired man pulled me along and we ran outside of the alley and back onto the sidewalk. He looked left and right and decided to run to the left as we continued down the street. We turned multiple corners and ran several blocks away and stopped after running for what seemed like hours.
He left go of my wrist and we both breathed heavily. He glanced around and after making sure the coast was clear he turned back to me.
"Are you okay?" He asked. I nodded, grabbing my neck as it still hurt from before.
"T-Thank you," I whispered, bowing towards him. He patted my back, letting me know that it was okay to get up.
"Of course. I am just glad I was walking by before -" he stopped and looked at me. "anything else happened." I gave him a small smile.
"Well thank you, really Mr..." I looked at him.
"Taehyung. Kim Taehyung." He answered. I nodded towards him and held my hand out.
"I am Y/N." He grabbed my hand and shook it, flashing a smile. I have to admit that he was pretty handsome and he seemed nice, considering he just saved me. We let go of each other's hands and brought it back to our sides.
"So, um..." He started, looking towards me. "Where do you live?" He suggested. I was taken back at the sudden question but he quickly shook his hands in front of me, trying to make sure I didn't misinterpret what he just said.
"W-Wait! That sounded weird," he chuckled nervously. "I just wanted to walk you home to make sure you were safe." I quietly laughed at his rambling.
"I live...I am actually staying at a hotel near here." I said, remembering how there was no way that I could go home tonight.
"Okay well let's go that way then. Lead the way?" He suggested. I nodded, walking next to him. We laughed and talked about things on the way and when he dropped me off at the front of the hotel I was about to go in when he stopped me. I was confused at first when he handed me his business card when I realized that it had his phone number on it. I glanced back up at him as he walked away, giving me a small wave as he left me standing there confused and flustered.
I looked down at the card.
Kim Taehyung. Private Detective.
I glanced back in the direction that he left and smiled as I tucked it inside my pants pocket.
Maybe this wasn't such a bad day after all.

Well...there it is! XD

This is a thank you for waiting on me for my other fanfics and so I decided that it would be fun to post these every now and then and to do a wide range of kpop stars! (Maybe even some girl oneshots?!)
But thanks for reading it and I hope my angst wasn't horrible...LOL
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