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Chapter 28
If you missed a chapter! (/^▽^)/
Jimin POV
School ended and Jimin watched as Nana ran out of the room. Nana hadn’t spoke to him since the soccer game, and even then she didn’t really talk to him. Jimin wanted to find out if [Y/N] and Nana had made up over whatever fight they may have had, but he knew it was none of his business. He would get involved when [Y/N] would request it. Jimin pulled his phone out and sent a text to Namjoon.
Message: Yo man! So should I meet you at the music room today or later in the week?
Jimin sat at his desk for a few minutes waiting for Namjoon’s reply. When his phone rang Jimin was expecting a text message from Namjoon but it wasn’t from him, but from his favorite person. When Jimin read the message he felt himself have a mixture of happiness and depression.
Message: If you have time let’s get dinner later tonight
Jimin quickly sent a reply back to the person letting out a heavy sigh and sliding down in his seat.
From: Jimin
Message: I would love to but I can’t. Aunty is back in town today and I need to be home.
Message: Do you think you could sneak out for just a few minutes?
From: Jimin
Message: Probably, but I don’t think it is smart.
Message: You’re right. Sorry.
Jimin felt his heart aching. He wasn’t sure how to respond to the text message. Feeling tears start to breach his eyes he took in a shuddering deep breath and held it a moment. Closing his eyes and letting it out slowly he felt his tears disappear. ‘This is not the time nor place Jimin’ he thought as he stood up from his desk. He heard his phone ring again and he checked the screen.
From: Namjoon
Message: Yeah man! Come on over we’re here, [Y/N] is hanging out too.
Jimin left the classroom and went in the direction of the music room. As Jimin approached the room he could hear someone playing the piano and felt himself smiling. He stood there a moment with his eyes closed and rested his head on the door listening to the beautiful melody. He wasn’t sure how long he was standing there but Namjoon suddenly opened the door and startled Jimin out of his blissful state. “Whoa, shit Jimin, you scared me,” Namjoon said as he put his hand to his chest and laughed. Jimin stood there embarrassed and awkward avoiding eye contact with Namjoon. Jimin moved out of the way so Namjoon could leave and Jimin moved quickly into the music room.
“Jimin,” [Y/N] said excitedly. Jimin waved at her and looked over at the man playing the piano.
Without breaking his stare, Jimin found a nearby seat and sat down. A small smile going across his face as he watched Yoongi play the piano. The melody was calm, soothing and filled with perfect emotions, almost as if a picture was being painted. When Yoongi stopped playing the piano Jimin watched as he let his arms hang by his sides and put his head back. Yoongi’s eyes were closed as he breathed lightly.
[Y/N] start clapping lightly causing Yoongi to break out of his state of mind and look over at her. “Very beautiful,” [Y/N] said smiling at Yoongi. Yoongi returned the smile to [Y/N] and Jimin smiled himself when he saw his smile. Namjoon came back into the room loudly causing everyone to look over at him, except Yoongi. Yoongi’s eyes didn’t make it to Namjoon, they stopped on Jimin. Jimin felt Yoongi’s stare at the side of his head and his face growing warm. He looked over at Yoongi and met his gaze. Silence filled the room as they stared at one another. “Uuuh, do you guys know each other,” Namjoon asked. Jimin broke from Yoongi’s eyes and looked up at Namjoon with a smile, “N-No we don’t.”
“Hyung this is one of the guys I mentioned that would be coming by.”
Jimin stood up and walked over to Yoongi offering his hand. Slowly, Yoongi took it in his own and shook it looking up into Jimin’s eyes. “I’m Park Jimin, you’re music is beautiful.”
“Thank you, Yoongi.” Yoongi took his hand back and stared up at Jimin a moment longer, his gaze soft. He cleared his throat and stood from the piano bench. “Let me grab the lyrics that I want you to try singing.” Yoongi walked passed Jimin and lightly grazed his arm. Jimin nodded as he passed and awaited instructions. Jimin looked over at Namjoon who was talking with [Y/N] over a school text book then back at Yoongi who was flipping through different notebooks on a desk.
Once Yoongi had found the right one he walked back over to Jimin and showed him the page with the lyrics and music notes. “So I’ll play it on the piano and go over it with you a couple of times then I want you to do it on your own while I play,” Yoongi said as he made himself comfortable on the piano bench again. “Do you mind if we do some voice exercises first? It’s been a while since I have sung,” Jimin asked shyly. Yoongi nodded and started the practice.
Nana POV
As soon as Nana ran out of the classroom she ran toward the sports equipment shed. She had received a text from Taehyung earlier that day telling her to meet him there. As Nana ran she wore an aggravated expression. She was suppose to be in control of the situation, yet he was telling her what to do. No one was there when she showed up and she let out a scoff, “Seriously?”
Nana walked around the far side of the shed to see if Taehyung was hiding there but he wasn’t. She felt someone grab her shoulder and slam her into the brick wall. She closed her eyes as her back hit the wall, small amounts of pain surged through her. Nana opened her eyes and was met with Taehyung’s threatening expression. A mischievous grin spread across Taehyung’s lips as he stared at Nana.
Nana wanted to say something but she was too entranced by his gaze. In one swift aggressive motion she felt Taehyung crash his mouth into hers and his body press against hers. Accepting it fully she grabbed onto his uniform and tried to pull him closer. His lips were like fire on hers as he deepened the kiss, feeling his tongue explore her mouth. She wanted more, she wanted everything that he was. Just as she was going to try and take it a step further Taehyung pulled back. Nana’s breath was heavy and uneven. Her whole being had been thrown off kilter and she couldn’t fully focus.
Taehyung’s eyes were still filled with darkness as he stared down at Nana, knowing she wanted more. He took his thumb and teased her bottom lip, watching how she closed her eyes at his touch and let out a small menacing laugh. Taehyung stepped away from Nana and she stood there looking at him in confusion. Taehyung adjusted his uniform blazer and fluffed his hair. Putting his finger just below her chin and guiding her head to look up at his he said, “That’s one point for me.” He let his fingers trace down her neck and to her collarbone before removing them and walking in direction of the school.
Nana continued to stand there, breathless. She let herself slide down the wall of the shed and sit on the dewy, shaded grass. Pulling her knees up she rested her forehead on them. Her heart was racing and her mind was a mess about what just happened in less than a minute. Closing her eyes, she rested a few more minutes until she remembered exactly how this whole encounter was suppose to go down. Nana let out an aggravated cry and stood up. ‘Damn it,’ she thought, ‘I was supposed to tell him off. How dare he do that to me! Who does he think he is!?’ Nana heard her phone ringing in her pocket and looked at who was calling. She took in a deep breath and cleared her throat before answering the call. With a cheery and fake voice she said, “Oppa!” She started walking back toward the school to meet Seokjin so he could walk her home.
Seokjin POV
Seokjin noticed Nana in the distance and waved at her. The closer she got the more he noticed that something was off about her. It wasn’t until she was within a few feet that he noticed her hair was a mess. As she got closer he noticed her lips looked swollen and her cheeks were red. Narrowing his eyes and giving her a questioning look he greeted her again. “Did you wait long oppa,” Nana asked as she reached for his hand. “No, but are you okay? Your hair’s a mess,” Seokjin said pointing at Nana’s head.
Nana quickly put her hand on her head and felt how messy her hair was. “Oh my goodness! I must have been sleeping really hard to have such messy hair.”
Seokjin continued to look at her questioning her. “Why are your lips so swollen?”
Nana was gathering her hair to put it into a ponytail. “Oh... when I sleep my lips swell slightly. But your lips are still bigger than mine oppa.” Nana laughed at her own joke. Seokjin no longer felt accusing of her and laughed with her. ‘I must be over thinking things,’ he thought as he smiled at her. He grabbed her hand in his and said, “Come on, I’ll take you home.”
As they were walking toward Nana’s house Seokjin’s phone rang. “Excuse me,” Seokjin said to Nana letting go of her hand and answering his phone. “Hello?” “SEOKJIIIIIN~!” The person on the other side yelled his name so loud Seokjin pulled the phone away from his ear and made a pained expression. “Good god Hoseok,” Seokjin said laughing back into the phone.
“Hey! What are you doing right now?”
“Walking my girlfriend home. Don’t you have soccer practice?”
“Yeah, it starts in a bit. Actually I’m calling for a friend. Someone by the name of Namjoon is looking for good singers for something. I suggested you and so I wanted to let you know.”
“Wait what?” Nana was looking up at Seokjin confused.
“Him and his brother need singers for something and well you can sing so I told him I would ask you to go. They meet in the practice room everyday after school and stay for a long time. Do you think you would be able to stop by today?”
“I already left the school though. I can’t go back.”
“Do you have something you need to do oppa?” Nana asked tilting her head slightly in question.
“It’s nothing major Nana.”
“It’s okay oppa. You can go. We haven’t gotten very far and I can go home by myself.” Nana smiled up at him. She pulled him down to her height and kissed his cheek. She waved goodbye and ran off toward her house. Seokjin let out a heavy sigh into the phone, “Alright Hoseok, I’m heading over there, You said it was in the music room?”
“Yeah the music room. Jimin is already there. You remember him from the soccer game?”
“Oh the cute short guy?” Hoseok started laughing at Seokjin.
“Yes, the cute short guy. Anyway I gotta go. Have fun Seokjin.”
Hoseok hung up the phone and Seokjin watched Nana run in the distance a moment longer. Smiling to himself he turned around and walked back toward the school. The music room was loud and filled with laughter. Seokjin smiled before opening the door and peeking in. “Hey sorry, my friend Hoseok told me to come here,” Seokjin said as he entered the room. “Sunbae,” [Y/N] asked looking around Namjoon. Seokjin smiled with relief that he knew someone in the room. “Oh hey sunbae,” Jimin said waving gently at Seokjin. Seokjin waved back as he fully entered the room and awkwardly stood at the door.
“Kim Seokjin,” Yoongi asked turning on the piano bench to see him. “Oh hey Yoongi! I didn’t know you were here too,” Seokjin said excitedly.
“Well I’m the one looking for singers. You can sing?”
“Uh yeah?”
“Hyung you know him,” Namjoon asked pointing at Seokjin.
Yoongi nodded. “Yup. Seokjin, this is my younger brother Namjoon. Namjoon Seokjin. It seems like you know everyone else so come up here and join Jimin here. Let’s not waste time.”
“Younger brother? He’s a lot taller than you. Are you sure you aren’t the younger brother?” Seokjin started laughing at his own joke. His laughter was contagious and the others started laughing except Yoongi. Yoongi ignored the comment and went back to the piano. Disappointed, Seokjin walked up to Jimin and gave him a pat on the shoulder along with a smile. Jimin showed the lyrics sheet music to Seokjin and explained where they were.
The music room was calming. You didn’t participate in the activities but it made for a relaxing study room. Namjoon would often sit down with you in the beanbags and help you with your studies. Otherwise he was running around helping the boys sing or Yoongi with something. You were amazed at how well Jimin and Seokjin sung. Both of their voices were elegant and beautiful. At one point you caught yourself staring at them instead of your textbook.
The air around all four of the boys was breathtaking. They hadn’t all known each other very long but watching them work together would give you an impression otherwise. They were all instantly in sync. “[Y/N],” Seokjin asked looking over at you. You blinked your eyes rapidly and shook your head realizing you had been spacing out. Seokjin giggled at your actions. “You want to go grab a bite to eat with us,” Namjoon asked afraid you would say no. “Oh yeah, sure. I’ll just need to let my mom know what I’m up to,” you said as you stood up.
Everyone gathered their things and left the school. You looked at your watch as you walked with the group and noticed it was around 6:30. Soccer practice would be well over but you did secretly hope you would run into Taehyung. “Sorry guys I’ve actually got to head out. My family is back in town and I need to meet them. I’ll see you later,” Jimin said before walking away and waving at the group. Everyone waved as Jimin went a different direction then started walking toward the nearby cafe.
The time spent with Namjoon, Yoongi and Seokjin was really fun. Even though Seokjin was the oldest one at the table he seemed to be the loudest and most playful. You made jokes with him and teased the other two. Seokjin also discussed with Yoongi how he wouldn’t be able to go to the music room everyday after school since he had the cooking club. They all discussed different schedules and how they would actually be recording soon. You learned that their family owned a small recording studio and that’s what Namjoon and Yoongi had been making music for the last several years. “After spending some time in the school practicing we will start to meet up there on the weekends and in the evenings. We’ll have to let Jimin know too. Make sure he is okay with that,” Yoongi said. “I’ll let him know,” Namjoon said, “I’ll give him a call later tonight.”
“Okay sounds good. But we should head home joon. Thanks for having dinner with us guys. Careful getting home.”
Yoongi and Namjoon left leaving you and Seokjin sitting in the cafe still. “How about we go and get something sweet [Y/N],” Seokjin asked with a smile. Your face lit up and you nodded in agreement. Both you and Seokjin went to a convenience store nearby for some ice cream. Seokjin bought yours which you thanked him and you sat down on a nearby bench. “How are things going with Nana,” you asked Seokjin between licks of your ice cream. “Mmm hard to say, we haven’t been dating very long,” Seokjin answered back.
“Did you have fun at the aquarium?”
“Oh I had a blast. We went to dinner and a movie afterward. What did you guys do?”
“Dinner and arcade.”
“Arcade?! Wow, that sounds fun. Was that Taehyung’s idea?”
“Nope mine actually.” You smiled proudly. Seokjin laughed at you causing you to blush lightly.
“Man~, maybe I should be dating you instead. Just kidding.” Seokjin laughed loudly and you blushed a bit more and quickly focused on finishing your ice cream. When you finished your ice cream you headed home. Seokjin wanted to walk you home but you insisted you go by yourself, your home wasn’t too far off and it was already getting late. You got home and sent a text message to Taehyung since you hadn’t heard from him like he said he would text you.
From: [Y/N]
Message: Hey! I hope soccer practice went well, I’m heading to bed. See you at school tomorrow.
You laid on your bed hoping for a message from him but you never heard your phone go off. His family being back in town could have been the reason but still, a text would be nice.
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