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Alpha here! ;]
How's everyone doing??
So sorry for being absent for a while. My life is getting crazier LOL and busier (idk if I spelled that right??) 0.o
I have over 100 notifications I need to go through and cards I need to post….sigh.


Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about the fan art and fanfic stories!
Right now I am working on Eddy from JJCC fan art for @Gaarita100
and all of my stories, mostly Darker Truth & Fate because they won the vote. XD
Hmmm…I am so tired, but I bet our boys are even more.


Meheheheneh…I feel like my little horns wanna come out and play, buuuuut I gotta be a little angel…OR do I?


I hope you like how my stories are turning out. I wonder what your thoughts and emotions will be…
I just want to say thank you for your support and waiting. You guys all encourage me and give me strength!


Especial in times like these, the stressful times. LOL
OH! This weekend I'm going to Texas to celebrate my little sister's 17th birthday and to go to an event to support either the victims of the flood down here in Louisiana or the wildfire in California…uuuuuh…
Aaaa~ I forgot what it's for… XS
Also, there has been no flooding in my little area, Thankfully.


I'mma drop a story today. I'm not saying which one. Look out for it, enjoy it, tell me your thoughts. XD
I'm OUT!

Until Next Time!

~Alpha L OUT
Bye~ Take care~

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