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Thanks to everyone who wished me luck when I was getting my wisdom teeth out. All 5 have been removed and my fave is completely numb. I'm pumped up on all kinds of painkillers and antibiotics and it hurts afterwards. My mouth still won't stop bleeding and I'm starting to get worried. I'm also worried that I'm not human because the doctors couldn't find my vein and when they hooked me up the the heart monitor, they lost my heartbeat for a minute and it flatlined. I was awake when that happened too. I think the machine glitched or someone bumped it or something, but that was scary. Now, I'm starving(cuz you can't eat anything 8-12 hours prior and nothing 2-3 hours afterwards. I ate some cold Italian ice and puddings, but I'm still kinda hungry. Tomorrow, I'll hopefully have feeling in my face back and I'll be on a schedule for the medication. I didn't do anything silly when I woke up from anesthesia, I just wobbled when I got up. I'm sleeping but I should be fine in a few days, just in time for school to start. But yeah... Blood EVERYWHERE
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