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Oh My Girl Member Hospitalized for Anorexia

As I was writing my card about Binnie, a found out some horrible news.

JinE came out during the Closer promotions and confessed that she had developed an eating disorder.

She lost 20lbs in 2 months (and for an already small girl, that's not healthy) and was hospitalized. She was taken off of any diets and forced to eat a normal amount of healthy food.
Because she also began throwing up her food, her esophagus was torn up and hurt her voice. She was able to recover and move on to more promotions.

As of yesterday, JinE was hospitalized again, this time to really get help.

The fact that she's still struggling with eating healthy shows that she needs more support and counseling to overcome this disease.

She will no longer be promoting A-ing with Oh My Girl until she makes a full recovery.

On August 25, WM Entertainment officially announced,
"JinE is stopping all promotions due to her health condition. First, we apologize for the sudden news to all the fans who gave love to Oh My Girl and JinE. She has been showing signs of anorexia since debut and has been going to the hospital to receive treatment. After a long and thorough discussion with JinE, we decided on a break as our artist's health is first and foremost."
The agency continued,
"The remaining 7 members will carry on the upcoming schedules without JinE, however, we will continue to support JinE throughout her break. We once again apologize for the sudden news. Please give Oh My Girl unchanging love and attention."

I'm very proud of her company for taking this action.

So many idols have eating disorders or other issues that company's ignore. I hope that this attention will help JinE recover.

Let's all cheer for JinE's speedy recovery!

Here are some highlights of beautiful JinE.

I hope she can see for herself how beautiful and talented we all think she is!

JinE Fighting!

These Korean entertaining companies should take notes and seriously stop with this unhealthy weight expectation because it can lead to death or other health issues and the fact that most companies over works their artist is sickening. I'm happy that Oh my Girl's company is backing her up in her decision to get help and hopefully make a change in how companies treat New or already artists, so they can be able to do there job and not feel like if the don't look like a bunch of toothpicks glued together they can't be famous, because talent should come before looks.
I completely agree with you! I couldn't have said it better myself!
@KDramaKPop1015 thanks for the kind reply 😁
I am glad that she's recovering but I wish they didn't have to go to so much extremes just for staying thin in the entertainment industry
It is awful that she is going through this but I am so glad that she's getting treatment and that her group and company are being supportive. I hope that she is able to get well soon and recieve continued psychiatric treatment to help her stay well.
So many women worrying about being the perfect size. I wish they would learn and realize that beauty is within; And that is what truly defines someone. Hopefully she gets the help she seeks ♡
Yeas hunnie, they definitely are. I hope so too, this is teaching so many wrong ideologies to adolescents. These kind of stigmas are so dangerous.
Yes, so true. I believe men over there prefer the idols to be thin though....That is why the companies try to keep them as skinny as possible i think
Yes, I believe so. That is just like the stigma over there for guys. Many fans prefer guys to be skinny and have washboard abs. Which I mean there's nothing wrong with being healthy, but there's a line that can be easily be crossed. Women and men alike are faced with the ugly side of media; having to conform to a certain weight. I just wish idols could live happy and without the worry of the scale.
oh poor baby...I cry.
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