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As I was writing my card about Binnie, a found out some horrible news.

JinE came out during the Closer promotions and confessed that she had developed an eating disorder.

She lost 20lbs in 2 months (and for an already small girl, that's not healthy) and was hospitalized. She was taken off of any diets and forced to eat a normal amount of healthy food.
Because she also began throwing up her food, her esophagus was torn up and hurt her voice. She was able to recover and move on to more promotions.

As of yesterday, JinE was hospitalized again, this time to really get help.

The fact that she's still struggling with eating healthy shows that she needs more support and counseling to overcome this disease.

She will no longer be promoting A-ing with Oh My Girl until she makes a full recovery.

On August 25, WM Entertainment officially announced,
"JinE is stopping all promotions due to her health condition. First, we apologize for the sudden news to all the fans who gave love to Oh My Girl and JinE. She has been showing signs of anorexia since debut and has been going to the hospital to receive treatment. After a long and thorough discussion with JinE, we decided on a break as our artist's health is first and foremost."
The agency continued,
"The remaining 7 members will carry on the upcoming schedules without JinE, however, we will continue to support JinE throughout her break. We once again apologize for the sudden news. Please give Oh My Girl unchanging love and attention."

I'm very proud of her company for taking this action.

So many idols have eating disorders or other issues that company's ignore. I hope that this attention will help JinE recover.

Let's all cheer for JinE's speedy recovery!

Here are some highlights of beautiful JinE.

I hope she can see for herself how beautiful and talented we all think she is!

JinE Fighting!

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I wish that this will stop these unrealistic expectations concerning weight for idols.
I'm so happy her company is allowing her to take a break from promotions to get better
I'm really happy her company is trying to help her recover. And I'm glad the physical damage hasn't gotten to bad.
awww she is so cute what company is she with
The same as b1a4 :) wm? Something with a W :)
Hope she gets better!