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Warning: This music video is super flashy. I keep seeing different colors lol.
I like JYP, but I sort of feel like he ruined the song a little bit. I think it would've been better if it was just Hyoyeon, Jokwon, and Min singing. Also, this song kind of gives me a YG vibe and I'm totally loving it.
I still can't figure out what dad was doing. Like please stop and go control Jackson and BamBam 😭😭😭😭
So we have 75% JYP artist participation and production but SM is the one releasing the song. lol Also, nice song but the graphics are blinding. I feel like I need a pair of 3D glasses to watch this. And it does give me YG vibes.
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Actually its sm station. Idk if you know what that is but its like where sm puts out other peoples song for publicity (i think thats the right word)
I only recognize two people in this video. Who are the others?
It's jyp, hyoyeon (snsd), min (miss a), and jokwon (2am)