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Hello, I hope everyone. I hope you found the last chapter to be...enlightening at least. Now you know about Rose's past. I know, it's not a happy one, but I think that provides for deeper character within her. Okay, enough with my philosophy. Here's the next chapter. We're at the countdown. There's less than 40 chapters, but I won't tell you exactly how many because that ruins the fun.
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and normally, words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 29
Word Count: 3032
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
The house was completely silent. The boys let all the information Rose had told them sink in. And it was a lot to take. A few tears rolled down some of their cheeks adding to the ones that had fallen earlier during her story. Rose let go of Nina’s hand that she had been clutching since she started telling the story. A large weight had been lifted from her shoulders, but another one was still there. How were they going to react? Rose folded her hands in her lap, her nails digging into her palms.
Namjoon was the one to break the silence. “Thank you,” he said looking directly into Rose’s eyes. “Thank you for telling us. For trusting us with that. I can—I can only imagine how hard it would be. So...thank you.”
Taehyung stood up slowly and looked at Rose. Rose couldn’t read his expression. In less than a second, Taehyung jumped over the coffee table and tackled Rose farther into the couch. “Yeah, thank you noona. I’m really happy. Well, not about what happened, but happy that you told us. It just means we get to know you better and understand you more. And that makes me very happy.”
“You act like a child, but everyone once in a while, your words are actually almost adultish,” Jin teased him. Taehyung, who was now sitting comfortably on Rose’s lap, stuck out his tongue in response. “Aaaaand we’re back to Taetae.” Everyone laughed…except Yoongi who was stuck in his thoughts. Rose noticed his lack of interaction and she immediately jumped to the worst conclusion: her past had affected him the way she was afraid it would. She started to feel sick to her stomach.
Right then, Jungkook spoke up, “You know we still feel the same about you, right noona?” Her attention snapped to him. “I mean, we know more about you, even if they were bad things that happened. But it doesn’t change anything.”
Hoseok sat down on the armrest next to Rose and rested his hand on her shoulder. “If anything, I think it makes us respect you even more. Everything you’ve gone through, and you’re this amazing person.” Rose buried her head in Taehyung shoulder out of embarrassment. “You didn’t let what happen to you break you. You used it to become a better person. And I admire that.” Rose looked at him out of the corner of her eyes, her cheeks pink and her eyes prickling with tears. Hoseok felt his heart skip a beat. Why did this woman have such an impact on him?
“Hyung! You’re gonna make her cry!” Jimin berated Hoseok.
“But those tears—are good, right Rose?” Nina nudged her and Rose shyly nodded her head.
Yoongi sat there not knowing what to say. He watched the playful conversation between Rose and his members, but his mind was completely blank. He wanted to say that he agreed, that he felt the same, that her past just gave her more depth, that knowing what she had gone through and how she was now just made him fall more in love with her. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t get the words to come out. He, of course, couldn’t say his more romantic feelings towards her, but even the other stuff he couldn’t seem to say. And he didn’t know why. He felt them, but his mouth stayed closed. Maybe it was because he wanted to say it where it wouldn’t sound like he was just jumping on the band wagon. He had no idea that his hesitancy was hurting the person he so badly wanted to encourage.
Nina and Jin moved to the other couch so that the younger boys could continue to harass and embarrass Rose, which they easily accomplished. They, of course, were giving her just as much love too. Rose was having so much fun that for a while, she even forgot that Yoongi hadn’t said anything. Jin noticed Yoongi’s lack of response and nudged him. “What’s wrong with you?” Jin whispered in his ear.
Yoongi looked back at Jin, blank-faced, and said “It hurts” before turning back to stare at the circus going on on the other couch. This made Jin even more confused. {Why does it hurt? Does knowing what happened to her hurt you? Does the fact that the other boys are all over her hurt you? Because there’s no way that you feel hurt because she’s ‘damaged goods’ the way she said people used to think of her. There’s no way at all. I know you’re not that type of person. But she hasn’t known you that long and she’s easily scared of people’s reactions}. Jin leaned over to Yoongi again. “You’re going to give her the wrong impression.” Yoongi didn’t move. He appeared to be lost in thought again.
“Movie time!” Taehyung yelled.
“Yah! Don’t invite yourself over for longer! It’s not your house,” Jin yelled.
Taehyung made a face and stuck his tongue out. “Noona said it’s okay.” Jin rolled his eyes.
“Ah, one more thing, since I’m telling you guys everything,” Rose interrupted. All eyes turned to her. “Rose isn’t my real name. I changed it when we moved.”
“Then...what’s your real name?” Jimin asked.
“It’s, uh, it’s Christina. But I still want you to call me Rose.”
“Christina...that’s a pretty name,” Namjoon said.
“So, I can see why you would change your name when you moved, but if it’s okay to ask...why’d you pick Rose?” Hoseok asked.
“’Cuz she’s beautiful like a rose, duh,” Taehyung stated matter-of-factly.
“Hey! That’s my line!” Jimin yelled at Taehyung.
“That’s sweet Taehyung, but not quite how it went. Actually, uh, it’s a little embarrassing...”
“You started it, you can’t just leave us hanging like that,” Jungkook shook her arm playfully.
“Yeah, yeah, I wasn’t gonna leave you hanging. Rose is actually the name of the undercover cop. The one who escaped and then saved my life. I really admired how she came back even after everything she went through. She was able to stay strong and I wanted to be like that. When I told her just before my family moved, she said that she felt honored, but that I better live up to the name. I had to be beautiful and fierce. Never let anyone hurt me again. That obviously didn’t go quite as planned, but I think I’ve done alright after Angie.”
“ cute.” Taehyung pinched her cheeks dramatically.
“You little brat!” Rose reached for the boy who immediately hid behind the other couch. Rose’s eyes followed him until they landed on Yoongi. Her thoughts went back to why Yoongi was acting like he was. But she didn’t want to ruin the other boys’ fun. “So, what movie?”
After about 15 minutes of arguing, an action movie was picked, The Thieves. The movie was Korean, so English subtitles were turned on for Nina. Everyone mostly stayed wrapped up in the movie, except for a few times when there were declarations of how not possible some things were. Then when the shirtless Kim Soo Hyun scene came up, the two girls made noises of appreciation which led to an argument about whose abs were better. The older boys had to fight with the younger ones to get them to keep their shirts down which led to the younger ones trying to pull the older ones’ up also. Except for Yoongi, of course, who stayed out of the whole argument. When asked to make a decision about it, the girls looked at each other before simultaneously declaring “Kim Jong Kook”. This led to another outburst from the younger boys about how unfair the comparison was and about how he wasn’t even in the choices. The girls just laughed as Rose pressed play.
The movie ended and the younger ones whined about how they didn’t want to go home. Rose laughed and started to clean up. When she went into the kitchen, Namjoon followed her. “Hey, uh...I was wondering, uh, since everything’s cleared up...” he rubbed the back of his neck shyly. “Are you still up for the opera next weekend?”
Rose’s eyes widened. “Oh my gosh, I completely forgot about it.”
“Ah. That’s understandable, considering...Don’t worry about it, though.” Namjoon turned away.
“Wait.” Rose grabbed his arm. “You didn’t let me answer.” Namjoon looked at her expectantly. “I didn’t schedule myself for anything else that weekend. So, yes, I’m still up for it. I’d love to go.” Rose beamed and Namjoon returned it, his dimples showing prominently. Rose couldn’t resist the urge and poked one of his dimples. “I’m so jealous, your dimples are so cute.”
Namjoon’s face flushed. “Ah, thanks, I guess it’s just part of the awesomeness that is me.”
Rose laughed, “I guess that’s true, huh?”
Yoongi stood just outside the kitchen. He had wanted to talk to Rose after Namjoon left. He wanted to tell her some of the things he hadn’t been able to say earlier. But when he heard the two of them, it felt like his heart was being squeezed. {I’m too late. Again}. He went back to his seat. The vice on his heart wouldn’t loosen. He just wanted to leave so he could go home and lose himself in his work. Hoseok had been watching the whole time Yoongi was waiting at the edge of the kitchen up until he sat down. He was going to ask Yoongi what was wrong when they got back to the dorm, but then Namjoon and Rose left the kitchen together, laughing, and he knew. He understood Yoongi’s pain. Nina watched the entire thing and immediately figured out what was going on.
“Let’s watch another movie!” cried Taehyung.
Hoseok, thinking about Yoongi, said, “I think we’ve intruded long enough.”
“And actually,” Nina cut in, “Rose has to finish work for she has tomorrow.”
Rose stifled a laugh. “That’s true, I almost forgot about it.” Taehyung starting making aegyo faces. “But more importantly, I think Nina has to study her Korean more.” Nina threw a pillow at Rose who was now sitting on the opposite couch.
“But you’ve improved. We can all tell,” added Jin. The younger boys made ‘oooo’ing noises and started making kissy faces.
“Behave yourselves,” Namjoon and Hoseok chastised simultaneously. This started another round of laughter.
“Alright, alright. Let’s get you guys home. We can pick something up to eat on the way, ok?” Jin attempted to assuage the boys. The boys eagerly agreed. He turned to the girls. “I’ll make you guys dinner next time when we’re all not as busy, okay?” The girls nodded. Jin let his eyes linger on Nina before finally tearing himself away. Jin had recently come to accept his feelings for Nina. He decided that he didn’t want to wait as long as his ‘idiot brothers’ to confess, so he was gathering his courage to ask Rose how Nina felt about him. If she liked him, he would confess to her.
“Alright. We’ll hold you to it,” Rose joked. The boys gathered at the front door. They put their masks and sunglasses on and headed to the van.
Jin lagged behind to catch Rose’s attention. He grabbed her arm and whispered in her ear, “I have something to ask you over messaging later. But let’s keep it between us.”
Rose’s eyes glinted mischievously. “Of course, Jin. You can ask me anything about her,” she whispered back. Jin’s cheeks became tinged with pink and he coughed, stepping back.
“That’s not—um—we’ll see you guys next time,” he said the last part when Nina walked over to join them. The boys loaded into the car and the girls waved as they drove off.
You got some ‘splaining to do,” said Nina in a mock Ricky Ricardo voice as soon as they went back in.
{She’s a hawk, but there’s no way she could’ve figured out what Jin said already}, Rose argued with herself. “About what?” Rose asked, avoiding eye contact.
You know what,” Nina replied. “But we’ll deal with that later. How are you feeling? It went just like I told you right?” Rose’s face fell. Her thoughts drifted back to how Yoongi was the entire time after she finished explaining. Nina turned Rose to face her. The worry on her face was very clear. “What’s wrong? What happened?” Nina led them to the couch.
The boys were fine, for the most part. They seemed genuinely concerned. Then they were happy I told them and we went back like nothing had changed. Which made me happy...
But...” Nina prodded.
But Yoongi...he didn’t...he wasn’t like the others. He...he wouldn’t look at me. He didn’t joke with everyone. When everyone else was laughing, he looked upset.” Tears started to roll down Rose’s face. “He—I don’t think he’s okay with it. Even—even though he isn’t able to return my feelings, I was hoping he would at least still be my friend. But—he couldn’t even look at me! Everything...everything is ruined...” Rose held in a sob as the tears continued to pour down.
I’m sure that’s not it. I’ve met the kid and I can tell he’s not that kind of person. There’s got to be something else.”
Like what?” came Rose’s voice that was muffled from her digging her face into Nina’s shirt.
Like, I don’t know, but I’m sure there’s something. Just...they were patient for you, so just be patient for him, okay?” Nina pulled Rose’s shoulders away from her and looked into her eyes. “Okay?”
Rose nodded her head and swiped at her tears.
So... What do you think about Hoseok?” Rose looked at Nina confused.
That’s kinda outta left field. Why? You’re not interested in him are you?” Rose asked Nina incredulously.
And if I was? Would that bother you?” Nina cocked an eyebrow.
A bit.”
Nina looked at her in surprise. “You like Hoseok?!” She practically screeched.
What? Not like that! I meant that it would bother me because I thought you liked Jin. And I can tell Jin likes you. I’m completely for you guys.”
Rose saw Nina blush. “I—I do like—I mean I’m not interested in Hoseok. I was just curious if you were. It seemed like he might like you.”
Nice job avoiding the whole Jin thing, even if you are completely obvious. But anyway, Hoseok doesn’t like me like that. That’s just how he is.”
...if you say so...”
Later that night, when Rose’s phone notified her of a message, she excitedly grabbed her phone. To her disappointment, it wasn’t the person she was hoping it was. She had forgotten that Jin said he would message her. She opened the message.
Jin-“Hey, noona. What are you up to?”
Rose- “Nothin much. Almost finished my stuff for tomorrow.”
J-“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt.”
R- “No worries, I was about to take a last break anyway. So what’s up with you?”
J- “Just watchin the kids play a vid game.”
R- “Sounds exciting, lol.”
J- “Something like that, lol.”
R- “Soooooo...what’s the real thing you messaged me for?”
J- “Nothing, just seeing what you were doing.”
R- “Then why did you ask me to ‘keep it between us’?”
J- “Uh...just...uh...”
R- “That’s what I thought. So, ask away. I’ll tell you anything about Nina, within reason, of course.” Jin didn’t reply for a couple minutes. Rose sat there, smirking, wonder if he was gonna chicken out or not.
J- “Is she there?”
R- “Nope. She’s downstairs.” Jin let out a deep sigh. {This is the point of no return}. He left the boys to their game and quietly walked to his room. Sitting on his bed, he messaged back.
J- “ you know...if...she’s seeing someone?” Rose laughed to herself. {‘Bout time}.
R- “No, she’s not. Any particular reason?”
J- “ you know if there’s someone she likes?” Jin held his breath nervously.
R- “I do know.” Rose laughed to herself. She could just imagine the frustration on Jin’s face. On the other side of the phone, Jin did in fact look frustrated. He knew that Rose was messing with him.
J- “You’re mean :(“
J- “Fine then, I’ll ‘go for broke’, I think is the American saying...Does she like me?”
R- “That’s an affirmative. And the only reason I’m breaking girl code is to get back at her for telling you guys about me. Yes, she just told me that she told you guys some stuff after I hurt my knee. And I appreciate how you guys acted afterwards. But back to the subject at hand...she likes you. A lot actually. And that’s why she’s nervous.”
J- “Why, is there something wrong with me?” Jin was genuinely concerned that her hesitancy was because of him.
R- “No! Not at all! She talks about how great of a guy you are all the time!” Rose sent the message very quickly so that he wouldn’t misunderstand.
R- “Before you message me back, I’ll tell you the problem. It’s long, so give me a moment.”
R- “One of the many reasons we get along so well is due to our pasts. Both of us have some emotional scars. She...she...I don’t want to say too much...but just know she carries a heavy weight due to past relationships. She’s been...betrayed in relationships and it leaves her very wary. The fact that she thinks you seem like such a good guy makes her question her judgement of what kind of person you actually are or if you could even like her. I hope you understand what I mean by this. You should talk to her. I’ve been trying to lay the foundation already because I could see that you liked her.” Rose set her phone down, she wasn’t expecting a response from him any time soon. It would take time for all of it to settle in. Surprisingly, it took him less than two minutes to reply, just long enough to read it and type his response.
J- “Thank you for telling me.”
J- “Do you know when she’ll be home this week?” Rose smirked. {He really is a good catch. Nina better not mess this up}.
So...yay Jin for not being a Yoongi, Hoseok, or Namjoon, lol. I wish him the best. It's good that the boys could accept Rose for who she was. And poor Yoongi...he's only digging a deeper hole for himself. I wonder, will he be able to get out of it?
Thank you all for reading my story and this chapter. Thank you to everyone reading, liking, commenting, clipping, and following. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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I hope that Yoongi will confess soon! And I am happy that Jin is not like the others and is going to confess. I'm so sad that the story is about to end😢 it was like a drama! Can't wait for the next chapter, hwaiting 💪
@Mavis2478 yeah, man up Yoongi, lol. And Jin is definitely more together than the other guys. And I'm sad it's ending too. It was so much fun to write and I have been pleasantly surprised by the reaction to it. Please continue to anticipate it :)
Yoongi really needs to get his act together and go talk to Rose. I can see Jin bringing flowers and chocolates to Nina to confess....he's so sweet.