hey guys I was on Twitter and saw that YG_BlackPink is coming out with a app, this is the lay out and it's coming out soon, This App is from their official Fan site, If you want to know more click on the Link below, Also they have BlackPinks TV show with subtitles (/^▽^)/ http://www.blackpinkyg.com/?m=1 Will you guys be getting the app? Black Pink Tag list: @kpopaddict16@addri@MelinaHernandez @KarenGuerra93@JustinaNguyen @KpopLifeu@loljan17@zhac16 @kimnam94@EXOAsf@KendraReeve @FalseLove@sweetnothing34@lopleaf19 @JaiiPanda@otakukpoper@mitchix5 @edwey66@BiasKpop@Baekyeol27 @ZionPerezFowler *Let me know if you want to be added*
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Please add me to the taglist and I'll definitely be getting the app ❤❤
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