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Grills! Beyonce vs Rihanna
Beyonce posted on her Tumblr a striking image of her gazing at the camera, her makeup soft and flawless, her hair wavy and loose, her teeth…bedazzled and gold! Turns out her vampire-chic fanged grills are for her new "Bow Down" video. On Wednesday, Aug. 7, Rihanna, who's been partying it up in Barbados this week, shared on Instagram a shot of her new golden grill in the shape of a machine gun, captioning the pic "Up watching Cocaine Cowboyz #KillinDeseHeauxz #phuckyogrill #ilickthegunwhenimdonecuziknowthatrevengeissweet."
this is the trend I'd never ever understand
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@blairwitme me neither!.. whatever happened to hiding braces in high School? suddenly became a thing now?
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