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Back again! This one is for @amobts and she suggested Jimin! Please enjoy! *(r/n)= reader's name*
Warning Smut Fluff For mature readers only Freaky kinky Nasty scenes Graphic fan fiction Scroll down at your own risk
Showered with love (a Park Jimin oneshot) You and Jimin were at your apartment watching a movie on Netflix. The movie was over and he shaked you to wake you up. "(R/N), r/n wake up." Jimin said. You open your eyes to see that Jimin was petting your head. "You fell asleep during the movie." Jimin said. "Oh, did I? Okay, well I-" you stopped talking when you smelled something unpleasant. You get closer to the smell to find where it was coming from and it came from under the shoulders of Jimin. "Golly you stink like a gym, Jimin!" You said as you started to sniff yourself. "Oh geez, now I stink!" You said to yourself. You looked at Jimin in his eyes that were full of hunger. He had those eyes that a savage would have when he's about to turn into a beast after he sees something he's hungry for. In this case, it was you. "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" You asked Jimin. He nodded in response as he picked you up and took you to the bathroom with a shower and began to strip you as you rubbed his back under his shirt which made him pull it off. Once you both got to the shower, you both started to strip and kiss eachother with every little tease in between. You started the shower as you adjusted the temp to neutral and got in, grabbing the soap bar and rubbing off every last odor on your body. Jimin got in and gave you a back hug, groping your boobs and kissing your neck. You sighed in ecstasy as you turn around and kiss him, rubbing his back with the soap bar, chests together, thighs together as you rested your buns on top his crotch until he picks you up and slams you against the wall and shoves his dick up your hole which made you scream in pain as his dick was so far up into you, it almost hit your g-spot. He rubbed his thumbs on your hips making you giggle like a little girl since his thumbs found your ovaries. "Yah! Cut it out!" You yell at him. "Why? You like it don't you?" Jimin teased. "Not there!" You said. You moved his hands to the lumbar of your back and placed them back on his neck. "There! It's better there, so keep it there." You told Jimin. He rubbed you there, almost groping your butt. "Yah! Know your boundaries fool!" You snapped at him. He grinned and put you down as he shut off the shower. He took you to your bed, carrying you in his arms and kissing you. He laid you down and split your legs wide open. He then delivered. He then licked your buns, inside, outside, around, and then he did it. He poked his tongue up your hole and licked everywhere, even your insides enjoyed his tongue eating you out. He kept eating you out and massaging your buns until you reached a high. You were up there for only 60 seconds and you came back down to him licking you until you were dry. As soon as he got up, you flipped him on the bed, kissed his forehead, cheek, neck, collar bone, chest muscles, stomach muscles, his v line, and then you lightly lick the tip and spit out your saliva. You then rolled your tongue around his dick, licking every spot possible and then poked his black cherries, one after the other, left and right. You then slam your tongue between his black cherries and licked all over his insides until they were all dry. You then crawled up to him, licking your mouth, biting your lip, and you kissed him with passion, setting yourself down on him and moved your pelvis over his until his dick slid up inside your hole. You slam into him, giving him a hickey every time he turned you on. Once his dick was completely inside you, you grinded on his pelvic bone, making sure that his dick slides all over your insides and doesn't miss a single spot. You started to slow down and you were eventually knocked out and your head fell on his shoulder as you fell asleep making love to your longtime partner. He petted your hair and kissed your cheek until he himself fell asleep on your bed. You both rested peacefully for the time being in place at that moment and you could not be any more happier than you are now that you slept with Jimin. Life could not get better than this.
I hope you all liked it! If you want to suggest another idol please comment which one below!
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