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From London to Korea Pt 4

Hey guys! Part 4 is ready! Quick side note though. I had forgot to mention and a friend read it and pointed this out, but this takes place before BAP's lawsuit and hiatus. With that, here's part 4!

The next day, I was up early and dressed in no time. Ate a quick breakfast, eager to get into a studio and start dancing.
Luckily, it was easy to navigate my way to the building since my hotel was so close. And the best part? I was up before the sun! I mean, that’s rare for me, so I’m going to take advantage of this and work my butt off.
The next part was tricky. Trying to find the practice rooms we could use that Idols were avoiding was tricky. I think I spent about 10 minutes looking for a room. And in my search, I somehow found Jung Nam. Which was surprising because I thought he would be in a meeting or something like that.
“Carrie!” He looked shocked to see me too. “You’re up early. I thought you would be sleeping in since you’re adjusting from the time zone changes.”
“Yeah, that’s what I had thought. But, my body had other ideas and decided this was the best plan since I would be awake.”
“So are you looking for the practice rooms?”
“Yeah.” I said sheepishly, not wanting him to see how poorly I could understand the Korean language.
“Follow me.” And with that, Jung Nam set off at a brisk pace.
After a few minutes of walking in the opposite direction, we made it to the practice rooms. Nobody was there yet, which made me ecstatic. If there weren’t any others currently practicing, this meant I had a slight leg up. What did surprise me was a choreographer working in the space. I had thought it was for the wannabes, and that choreographers had their own space.
She seemed so into what she was doing, and didn’t notice us. It was magical to be able to watch her practice, sweating, breathing hard, pouring her soul into it. I had expected to see hip hop and variations off of it, but what she was doing was lyrical, and beautiful. It was like this woman was going through some struggle, and did what I do when I’m struggling: she was dancing it out.
I lost track of time when watching her, but Jung Nam’s clapping had brought me out of my trance. It also surprised her, causing her to stumble a bit.
“Very impressive, Krista.”
“Oh that? Thank you sir.”
“It’s my pleasure, watching you work so hard. Speaking of working hard, this is Carrie. She’s practicing for her second round of auditions.”
“Really? I’m assisting in these auditions. Would you mind doing any moves so I can see what may be coming in?
I nod, unsure of what to say, and hustle into the practice studio. I locate the music plugin, and connect my phone to it. After spending a moment to scroll through my songs, I find the one I want and take a moment. I have a weird pre-performance ritual, where I take a deep breath for every jumping-jack I do. And I do 10. After completing my ritual, I press play. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri starts playing through the speakers, and I lose myself among the chords.
All my fear, all my anger, all my hate just flows into my movements as the song progresses. I think about why I’m here. What I want to do. Who I want to become. I was scared for all of this to happen, and didn’t want to show them the hip hop I can do, to try to keep the playing field even. Only, I didn’t know how doing this lyrical dance would affect me. I had shown my vulnerable side, and given TS a way to control me.
I don’t even remember the dance, just that I was suddenly crouching on the ground and a small crowd had formed outside the practice studio. I looked up, broken out of my trance by clapping and cheering.
“Wow! I wonder what group she’s debuting in?”I heard one person say.
“Is she even a trainee?” Another had remarked.
Luckily, Jung Nam and Krista were right in the middle, and Krista was standing there with a look that said I could be anything I wanted, but she thought I was making a mistake trying to be an Idol.
“No, no, she’s not an Idol. Yet.” Jung Nam announced.
There was dead silence, until someone broke it. “Just sign her already!”
Murmurs spread through the crowd, all agreeing that I should be presented with a contract. But I have to make it through the rest of the auditions first! I can’t skip it, that would be extremely unfair to the others.
Luckily, the auditions were about to start. Today is for learning the moves, and tomorrow will narrow it down to the finalists.
“What’s going on? Can anyone direct me to the audition practice studios?” An annoyingly high-pitched voice called out. Another foreigner.
“Oh, yes. You are in the right spot.” All of the kindness was gone from Jung Nam’s voice when speaking to her. She was a stereotypical blonde, and she had these baby blue eyes that seemed like they usually got their way. She was super skinny person, and I wondered how she was still able to walk.
“What was going on in there?” I had spent so much time trying to figure out who she might be, and lost sight of the fact that there were a lot of people standing outside the practice room I was in, and I was panting heavily. So she was bound to figure it out.
She walked in, all smiles. But once she got close enough to me where she was hidden from the mirrors, her smile faded. “I don’t know who you are, or what you did that got their attention, but I am so much better than you, and you will never make it.”
Hope you enjoyed! Love you guys! ~Elayne
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