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Here's a continuation of the spam. Here is an outpouring of love for one of my favorite people. Kim Jongdae. This boy is just stunning. He seriously doesn't get enough attention, blessed with a gorgeous powerful voice, a beautiful kind heart, lightning sharp wit, and a face chiseled by the gods themselves. Sometimes he makes my heart stop.
Okay, I am way thristier for Chen than I thought I was.
Well. That's all for now. I didn't expect to kill myself with all this Um yeah. He is insanely gorgeous. Show this foo some LOVE! Tag @kpopaddict16 you're it!! Muwahahaha!
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I actually prepared my spam already I was bored earlier today and saved the draft lol SO MY TURN BAOZI STYLE NEXT!!!
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LOL! Dang you're good. I can't wait to see Xiumin!
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The third picture in the last set looks like Chen & Baekhyuns's love child.
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how is Sehun my bias when I have such strong feelings towards Chen and lay and Soo
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OMG YESSS!!!! He is my EXO bias! He's so talented and so gorgeous and he definitely doesn't get enough attention. Time to go die. Thank you!
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He is a gift from the gods.
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