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Random Facts about Yoochun^^;; ♪ Has 4 tattoos. ‘Always Keep The Faith’ on his chest. plus the newly added phoenix and ‘My Jaejung, Yoohwan, Junsu’ (maybe more but that’s not confirmed) ‘TVfXQMYC on his lower back (MYC stands for Micky Yoochun) And a feather on his calf (which his brother also have) ♪ His habits is licking his lips very often ♪ Micky is his English name ♪ Micky in Chinese/Mandarin in written characters means “Secret Weapon” ♪ Wants to become the secret weapon in the music industry so stage name is: Micky Yoochun ♪ Composed many songs ♪ Joined TVXQ last, debut only after 6 months ♪ Won through a singing competition in the US and the people pointed him to SM Entertainment ♪ The lazy one in the group ♪ He collects CDs and has tons of them ♪ Yoochun just loves to have a blanker covered his whole body, with an air conditioner on. ♪ Likes both winter and summer ♪ Loves to wear slippers and shorts ♪ He is ambidextrous (can write/do things with both hands) ♪ He has asthma. ♪He has a younger brother named Yoohwan (english name Ricky). ♪ He was born in Seoul, later moved to Virginia USA for a few years. ♪ He wears a bracelet on his left hand – it’s the first gift from his younger brother. He never takes it off. If the bracelet does not match with the concept of his outfit, he tapes the bracelet higher so it does not interfere. ♪ He likes to listen to music when he sleeps ♪ He never thought of getting married. ♪ His first kiss was when he was in middle school. ♪ Knows English because his family immigrated to USA when he was little ♪ Gave up his American citizenship due to the problem of having to visit US every few years comflicting with tight work schedule. Wants to join others in army in South Korea at age 30. ♪ Yoochun uses a full bottle of fly killer spray to kill a single fly. He is afraid of the spider the most. ♪ Yoochun and Jaejoong likes to go on random trips when they get bored ♪ Yoochun liked Mickey Mouse shirts when he was young ♪ He doesn’t like wearing contacts ♪ He dislikes horror movies ♪ He got angry when he once was in the hospital and Junsu didn’t visit him ♪ Yoochun likes to wear V neck clothes ♪ He feels guilty when Junsu does something wrong and get scolded by Yunho ♪ Bought an icecream shop for his mom (Timeout Gelato) ♪ Yoochun’s grandparents own a well known resturant (Hanilkwan) ♪ He will keep staring if he sees a girl he likes ♪ He often said ‘sucks, this is stupid’ during his SM training lessons ♪ His parents often quarreled because of money and ended up in a divorce I JUST LOVE MY MICKY OPPA <3 <3 <3 :) :-* CREDIT 2 I AM SHIM @FACEBOOK
My baby is so sweet ❤️❤️❤️❤️
@stephiikins unnie dats really sad i can understand u my best friend went thrgh it 2 in her teen years and her teen years wr ruined 😔parents divorce are hardest for kids 😔 whenever she talks abt it I get sad 2 but she tries 2 meet both of her parents and both love her a lot but she lives w her mom and meets her dad regularly
@saharjalpari9 yeah he's cuteeeee :) I should say his laughing is sweet :)
@farverharparsi i just love love love micky oppa i realy love him a lot lola my fav oppa love u shoo much :) <3 <3 <3 :-*
I like his drama Rooftop Prince :)
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