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I haven't owned a TV in 7 years.

I watch Netflix every once in a while when I want to watch a movie, but genuinely can't remember the last time I watched a TV show in full.
So why one earth did I start watching Stranger Things (and finish in 3 days...)?

I don't know, but I'm happy I did.

If you aren't watching it yet, this card DOES NOT CONTAIN SPOILERS.

Stranger Things is a little bit sci-fi, a little horror, and a lot of 80s references.

Basically there's a monster/alien tormenting a town, a mysterious girl named Eleven, three boys trying to save their best friend, and a government operation trying to cover everything up.
It's on Netflix now with the first season complete so GO MARATHON IT NOW. GO.

Who is watching this or finished it already?


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Watched it in two days, been crying ever since.
The slow initial pace made me frustrated but after episide 2 the series is so gripping that i ended up watching it all in a day( thank god it was weekend) and i must say it was totally outstanding. The series has conveyed such a 90's feel that i actually felt like i was a child again watching it together with my grandpa. just faboulous direction,script and acting.
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nothing beats the feeling when you entrap somebody else to your series world.
i finished a whole season in a night, havent done that in a while since game of thrones
Haha same here. Can't wait to meet season 2.
I know I am