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We all imagine what it would be like if we had a celebrity we like be into one of us. +But what would you do if you had two celebs fall for you? +What would you do if each one was from one of the biggest record labels in south korea? +And especially well known from an infamous groups? . One of the beastly Idols from JYP & One of the Kings Idols from YG . I think we all would die a little inside if Dong Youngbae (Taeyang) and Kim Minjun (Jun.k) were both fighting over our hearts. But it would make your mind explode when you find out you're arranged to marry someone of your choosing from either 2pm or Bigbang. Since YG and JYP just so happens to both be you and your siblings godfathers.
@RedChord @Starbell808 @JaxomB @AlenaSegura might just start posting chapters now
I'll be waiting 💁🏽
Yes 🙌. I'll take either one, please 😆.
You know GD and Jun K are good friends
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I know...he could have been part of Big Bang
OMG I can't wait