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Lately, I've been thinking a lot about my future and what I want out of life and realized that the definition of 'making it' is something that changes from person to person.

What's YOUR idea of success? How much money would be enough? What size house, what kind of job, etc?

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You know... That's hard for me to figure out most days. I used to think it meant marriage and kids, a career, a house, etc. Then, my husband was killed. So, strike that. My world was skewed. So I accepted that lot, but thought maybe more career success would still make me happier and provide us both a better life. I'm pretty successful now, but most days I just want to hang with my kid and have time to play video games and watch anime with him. (Lol!) We do school, but there has to be time for more. Point is, I eventually realized that if my kid and I can go to bed every night happy, safe, and secure, then we're doing good. If we get to spend time together outside of dance and school, playing games and watching anime, we're winning at life. And we are right now! So yay!
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It really changes pretty much everything. You start sweating the world a lot differently. Some things I have a lot more patience with and others, absolutely zero. I certainly learned to stop giving a flip about what everyone else thinks and take it all one day at a time. ;) The Secret To Life ^_^
my idea of success is a life different from the one I have
Freedom to live as I like
I just want to be happy. Find a job I actually like and care about, be able to have a good time and go on vacation at least once a year.
I'd also like a penthouse or something near a beach
I just want a high paying job that I actually enjoy, I want to live in a safe apartment that allows pets, or even a mansion, and most importantly, I just want to be happy.