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I never win anything so when I found out I won I squealed and got super excited! This was basically me throwing a party for myself haha So I participated in @sarabear1021 's giveaway on live.me and it was so fun! She's a really sweet girl and funny. She played great music in the background and was very talkative. I look forward to when she does more live streams! So on to my beautiful prizes...it's not all the members but I honestly was just so happy to win something I didn't care what it was haha
So as you can tell I got super excited and first uploaded to snapchat haha
She left me two cute notes and on the side of one it says "Jin + Everie" She knows Jin is my #1 so I thought it was really nice that she remembered πŸ’•
So on to the photos *squeal* (basically all the gifs are me when I opened them up and was in my car) First up is Jin. And if you guys couldn't tell, I love Jin. I squealed like an idiot and got all giddy
PS Yoongi in those glasses is so damn adorable
*dies* he's so handsome I can't handle it. Also I think his crooked fingers are the most adorable thing ever. Don't ask me why maybe it's just some weird thing I got going on haha
Up next is my bias wrecker Hobi. (but lets be honest all of BTS are bias wreckers) This boy should not be allowed near me...
Last but not least is Tae ft Namjoon! I really love him in long cardigans (or at least that's what I believe it's called) It suits his body type well. I like all of them in it because it makes them look taller ( I don't really care about their heights) but it just looks nice.
Hope you guys enjoyed this card of me freaking out over photos haha I just love having physical copies of things
Thanks for checking out my card and hopefully I'll be making more soon since I got my computer fixed. Let me know if you would like to added to my (very small since I'm a loser and don't have friends) tag list! haha Till next time guys!
wooww glad you wonnnn ^.^ can you add me to your tag list? but jin... why whyyy is he so handsome?!? πŸ’” Now I'll wait for the day I win something πŸ˜‚
Of course! And I know, he kills me with his handsomeness everyday 😩
Congrats! That's so awesome!
Thank you!
Im Glad You Loved Them!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ’™
Thanks again! And I look forward to more broadcasts!