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Back in my day, it was more or less impossible to mess around with your school photo and have the administration go along with it.

However, Oregon high school senior June Dela Chica was able to convince the school photographer to have a little fun with her picture - to epic results!

She recreated the hilarious face of Mulan's matchmaker!

Yeah, she rolled up to Picture Day looking like THIS.

At first, the photographer was a bit hesitant - even a little grumpy, but June was prepared to lay down a convincing argument:
"I remember her saying, 'I don't know if you can take this photo. Are the admins okay?' I replied with 'The admins said if I'm okay with showing my face like this to hundreds of people then go on ahead. And if it's really THAT bad I can always retake it.' She shrugged and replied with a simple okay.”

If you could choose to rock ANY look on Photo Day, what would you pick?

Mine would be zombie make-up. No second-guessing.
School photographer? we lined up and the cops took our pictures
Man I'm loving this lol XD idk what I would pick as a look there are so many possibilities I prob wouldn't b able to pick
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Omg too many to count XD
I'd look like Mimi from the Drew Carey show😄
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@danidee She was my favourite character!
I would do what Naruto did when he took his graduation picture