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A lot of my friends are totally into IDOLM@STER, which is another idol anime, but I never got around to watching it. No particular reason, just didn't! They've already picked out which character I'll probably like best (they're, well, probably right :P) and I watched the first 8 episodes last night...and....

So far I really like it!

The show feels much more slice of life-y to me than other idol anime I've watched (probably because the other ones I've watched have a more clear overarching plot, whereas this show follows them in their attempts to become idols!). Still there's definitely enough plot to keep me going. There's about 26 episodes in the first seasons of IM@S, so I'll probably finish up in a few days!

I'm mostly excited to watch IM@S Cinderella Girls after this!

This seems to be the show my friends like even MORE than the original, so I can't wait to see which I like best. I also saw there's a space themed IM@S, so I'll probably watch that at some point, too. After I watch all the Macross shows....yeah, I got a lot coming up XD
Please tell me I'm not the only one obsessed with these shows XD