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We all know that Reinhard is crazy powerful. People in the world of Re:Zero have blessings (i.e. Felt, who has the blessing of wind and can move really fast). But Reinhard's blessings are just a bit more interesting than that.

You may or may not know that he is known to have "over 1,000 blessings", and well, some of these are just too crazy:

Blessing of the sword master: is able to use the dragon sword レイド and is granted with superior sword fighting skills
Blessing of dodging: long range attacks can not hit him(like the dagger elsa threw at him in episode 3)
Blessing of accuracy: his long range attacks with definitely hit
Blessing of anti magic: all curses, debuffs and buffs do not work on him
Blessing of fire resistance: ignore 80% fire damage
Blessing of wind resistance: ignores 80% wind resistance
泥抜けの加護(not too sure how to translate this): ignores 80% blunt damage(basically he has 80% all damage reduction so i'm gonna skip the rest of this kind of blessings)
再臨の加護: if he can see the attack, then his enemy's ALL attacks after the second attack can not hit him
Blessing of the crying day: has a strength buff when it's raining
Blessing of the blue sky: has a strength buff when it's sunny day
Blessing of the night sky: has a strength buff in the night
Blessing of a new day: has a strength buff in the morning
伝心の加護: has an brief idea of what his enemy is thinking
仕様の加護:can use all items skillfully that's in his hands
Blessing of handless: He's strong even when bare handed
Blessing of the fight god: can use all kinds of weapons skillfully
blessing of the lake: can walk on water
blessing of the fog: his eye sight will not be blocked by any means
blessing of the clouds: can walk on clouds
Blessing of lightning: will not be hit by lightning
Blessing of salt: will not mistake sugar for salt
Blessing of taste king: is able to make delicious food no matter what
Blessing of roast: can make ultimate roasted food
32.Blessing of boiling: can make ultimate boiled food
Blessing of steam: can make ultimate steamed food
Blessing of fry: can make ultimate fried food
Blessing of rewrite: his drawings are as perfect as photographs
Blessing of clothing: is a master cloth designer
Blessing of hairdressing: is a master hairdresser
Blessing of teaching: his student's grades will skyrocket
blessing of training: not only is he good at training his own body, he's also good at giving other people training advises
Blessing of anti-poison: has resistance to all kinds of poison
Blessing of hundred medicines: will never be sick
Blessing of bleeding: the more he bleeds the more powerful he is
Blessing of phoenix: can revive once after he dies
A blessing that gives him new blessings when he needs it
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How in the world is he so OP?!?!?!?!? Reinhard, you are every seven year olds dream knight. Keep doing you.
This is why we don't see him so often 😂😂
And I thought the Guy Subaru picked a fight with was Strong, but Reinhardt is freakin Insanely strong