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Hello! Chapter 31 is here. I don't have much to say before this one, but we're on the home stretch. Who do you think Rose'll end up with? Will Jin really be able to muster up his courage? How about poor, dense Yoongi? You'll only find out by reading ;)
Disclaimer: Many of the characters aside from BTS are made up. And, of course, I don't know BTS personally so their personalities are probably mostly fictional.
Character thoughts are in { } and words in English are bolded. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters. Please forgive me for any mistakes I make and I hope you enjoy!
Beginning: Chapter 1
Previous: Chapter 30
Word Count: 3869
Warning: May contain mild language
Narrator POV
On Tuesday, it was Rose’s turn to play matchmaker. While she was at work, she confirmed that Nina was at home and messaged Jin to let him know. She had spent the last few days convincing Nina to give Jin a chance, should he ever ask. She crossed her fingers and hoped for the best.
When Jin received Rose’s text, his palms automatically started sweating. He kept telling himself {Don’t worry. Calm down. She likes you}. It wasn’t helping calm his nerves very much though. He called a flower shop by the dorm. He had called them a couple days ago to see if they kept Nina’s favorite flowers in stock, hydrangeas. They had said that they normally did. So today, he called them to let them know that he wanted to place an order and that he would be in soon to have them make the bouquet.
Before leaving, he quickly double-checked his outfit and fixed his hair. Putting on his mask and sunglasses, he snuck out of the dorm. Once he got to the flower shop he asked one of the girls to help him put together a bouquet. It was a pretty, but simple arrangement in colors of pink, purple, and white. Jin had noticed at the amusement park that Nina seemed to like simple but pretty things. All of the jewelry and accessories he saw that caught her eye were small and pretty; not too much sparkle, but enough that it caught the eye.
Once the bouquet was wrapped prettily and paid for, Jin was back on his way to confess. During the entire drive he felt his heart pounding in his chest. He’d never been so nervous, not even the first time he had performed. He just kept telling himself over and over that she already liked him and that that meant half the battle was already over.
When Jin finally pulled up to the house he allowed himself another minute to gather his wits. He checked himself in the mirror one more time before stepping out. He double checked his button-up and slacks to make sure they looked nice. He didn’t want to go overboard so he had opted to not wear a tie, but he still wanted to make a good impression. He wanted Nina to know that he was taking this very seriously. With one last nervous sigh, he walked to the door. Jin put the flowers behind his back and knocked.
Just a sec!” he heard Nina call. A couple seconds later, the door opened. Once again, she took his breath away. She wasn’t wearing anything special, just the kind of clothes that anyone would wear when lounging around in their house, but she still looked so beautiful to him. When Nina saw it was him, a broad smile broke out on her face. When she realized that, she quickly recovered, her face settling in to a more normal level of happy. But her pink cheeks gave her away.
Hi, Jin. Wh-what are you doing here?” Jin noticed how much her Korean was improving in such a short time. He wondered if (and hoped that) it had something to do with him.
“I, uh... here.” Jin took the bouquet out and shakily held it out for Nina.
“Jin... How did you—why did you—what...” Nina gently took the flowers. “These...are for me?”
Jin shakily nodded his head. He quickly looked around outside and then asked, “Is it alright if I come in for a moment? I have something I’d like to say.”
“O-of course.” Once Jin’s shoes were replaced with slippers, they both walked to and sat down on one of the couches.
“Do you like them?” Jin asked nervously.
Nina nodded her head. “Yes, I love them. These are—my favorite flowers. But I, mm, guess you knew that, right?”
“Guilty as charged,” Jin said still blushing.
“I like you!” The words seemed to burst out of his mouth. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to just come out with it like that. But... well, I’ve liked you since the beginning and, well, you know what’s going on with Rose-noona and well...I just didn’t want to hesitate too much and make you question how I felt. I think...I think you like me too but... do you?”
Jin felt his heart stutter when Nina frowned. {Don’t tell me I was wrong. That noona was wrong}. “I do like you...” she said, her voice trailing off.
“Then...why do you look so sad. Are you not happy? Is there something wrong?” Jin began to panic. “Did I do something? I—I should’ve waited longer, right? I’m pushing myself on you, aren’t I?”
Nina was quick to cut him off before he could spiral down more and then slowly explained. “No! It’s nothing for you, from you...because—of you. You’re—you’re perfect. And that’s—the problem. You’re this...this amazing guy—everyone loves and who...cares for people much and who sees—the best of—in people. But, I’m not—I’m not what how you think I am.” A tear rolled down her cheek. “I’m not—some sweet—innocent girl like the past. Bad things—have happened to me in things..relationships and because, I’ve done things bad. I don’t think...I am how you think I am.”
“I don’t think you’re anything other than you. Just you.” He gently took her hands, caressing them with his thumbs. “Not some idealized person. You’re you. The good and the bad. I’m not perfect either. No one is. But...I’ve fallen for you. Just you. Everything that’s you. And...if you’ve been hurt before, I’m sure you’re wary of getting into a relationship. So I won’t push you into one. I made up my mind to confess today, whatever the result. And I’ve done that. So...don’t feel obligated to answer now. Take your time. And when you’re ready...I can wait for the answer...”
Jin let go of her hands and stood up slowly. He was trying to not show it, but he felt heartbroken. Even though she admitted to liking him, she wasn’t ready for a relationship. He had to respect that. And if she allowed him to, he would wait...however long it took. Just as he turned to the door, Nina jumped up and grabbed his hand. “Won’t you ask me first? How I can answer with no question?”
Jin froze. He felt his heart dare to hope. He turned back to her eyes wide. “Ask...?”
“Won’t you ask to date or...or something...” Nina’s face turned bright red. She couldn’t believe how flustered she was getting over him. She figured she must like him a lot more than she had realized.
“Will you go out...with me? Will my girlfriend...? No, wait, just one at a—“
“Yes?” Jin felt elated.
“To which one?”
“Yes. To both.”
Jin’s face broke out into a wide, silly grin. He jumped up and down shouting, “Yes! She said yes!!! I can’t believe it!” Nina laughed at his childishness. She was caught off guard when he pulled him into a tight hug. “Oh sorry! I just got excited, I should’ve asked before I—“ He was cut off when Nina pulled his face down to hers, their lips meeting. It was a sweet kiss that both of them melted into. After a few seconds, they broke the kiss. Both of their eyes fluttered open. “”
“Surprised?” Nina teased.
“More than. I thought I would be the one to make the first move.”
“Why, cause you’re a guy?”
“What? No—I—that’s not—“
“Relax. I was just teasing,” Nina giggled. Jin joined her. He couldn’t believe how happy he felt. “But now—for a...serious question...How much did with this?”
When Rose received a text from Nina saying “You crazy bitch!” and from Jin saying “Thank you so much!” she knew it had worked. Rose sent back a quick “You’re welcome” to both of them and continued organizing her papers for her next client. Rose spent the rest of the week just trying to focus on how happy she was for Nina so that she wouldn’t think about the fact that Yoongi wasn’t talking to her.
On Wednesday, she had decided to take the initiative and message Yoongi first, “How’s everything going? You’re not working yourself too hard, are you?” Two hours later she received a simple “We’re fine” and nothing else. She knew that they did have some downtime because the other members had messaged her during their previous break.
Rose- “That’s good. I know you guys are almost to your comeback. Make sure you take breaks.”
Yoongi- (three hours later) “Yep” {Right Nina, ‘something else’ my ass. It’s me he has a problem with}.
After that, Rose gave up. She told herself that she would just leave it alone. If he was going to be like that, she didn’t need that in her life. Of course, she knew that wasn’t how it was going to work. She knew that it would eat at her inside. Then she thought, {Maybe this is just what I need. I couldn’t get over him on my own, but maybe by him being an asshole, I can get over him. Not likely, but it’s worth a try}.
What Rose didn’t know was that on the other side of the phone, when she texted Yoongi, he sat there with his eyes glued to the phone. The last few days, he’d been debating with himself about whether or not he should confess to Rose. On one hand, she wasn’t dating anyone, so his confession wouldn’t technically be a betrayal. On the other hand, it felt like it would be a betrayal anyway. He couldn’t bring himself to make a decision and he didn’t feel like he could talk to anyone about it. On Wednesday, on a break during rehearsal, he checked his phone to find the message from Rose. It had been sent 30 minutes previous. His fingers hovered over the keyboard. He was torn between elation and guilt.
Jimin plopped down on the floor next to Yoongi and a tired sigh escaped his mouth. “Whatcha doin’, hyung?”
Yoongi quickly locked the screen and set the phone on his lap. “I have no idea,” Yoongi replied, sipping from his water bottle. Yoongi let his head settle on Jimin’s shoulder.
Jimin knew something had to be wrong. “Hyung, is everything ok?” Yoongi sighed deeply.
“Probably not. But it doesn’t really matter anyway.” Jimin debated whether he should continue asking questions or not. He knew Yoongi didn’t like it when people pried, but he was worried because Yoongi had been acting off for the last couple of days. Since Saturday to be exact.
“Hyung...” Jimin bit his lip. Should he ask or not... Yoongi let out a noise indicating for him to continue. “Is it...does it have something to do with Rose-noona?” He immediately felt Yoongi stiffen. {So it did...} Yoongi removed his head from Jimin’s shoulder and took another drink.
“I think break time’s up.” Yoongi stood up and tossed his water and phone back into his bag. The fact that Yoongi, who was always the last one to get back to practice, was saying for practice to start up again did not escape Jimin’s attention. Jimin knew that the older boys thought that the maknaes were oblivious, because that’s how they liked to act, but they weren’t. Jimin, Jungkook, and Taehyung had talked amongst themselves about what they saw going on with Hoseok, Yoongi, and Namjoon, and Rose, who was caught between them. It was that exact reason that the younger ones, while still being playful, had lightened up on their joking flirting. Not that they didn’t find Rose to be attractive. But they knew she viewed them as younger siblings and they were okay with that, especially considering all the trouble brewing with the older ones already.
Yoongi POV
On our next break, I sent a short message back. I didn’t want to completely ignore her, but I was afraid that whatever words I did say would betray me and show her how I really felt. I got up to go back to practice when I heard my phone ping again. I checked it. {I guess she was waiting for my reply}. I felt bad about it, but I ignored it again. A couple hours later, practice was over. We all went back to the dorm and I stowed myself away in my room, trying to lose myself in my music. I sat my phone down next to me on the bed. I couldn’t help but glance at it periodically. Finally, after almost an hour, I gave in and opened the message: “That’s good. I know you guys are almost to your comeback. Make sure you take breaks.”
I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I knew that I only saw what I wanted to see, but I couldn’t help feel that Rose was looking out specifically for me. {If only…} I typed back a quick response and tossed the phone back in the empty space next to me. I went back to staring at my computer, but I knew that I was really waiting for Rose to respond. After a few hours, there was still no response. I knew that I should message her, that she was probably mad about me not messaging her the last few days and then giving short answers, but I couldn’t bring myself to do it. I simply hoped that she would message me again. I waited the rest of the night. The next day, I still didn’t receive a message. And the next day. The other guys kept bugging me, asking if everything was alright. I guess I wasn’t as good an actor as I thought.
Finally, it was Saturday, the day Namjoon was taking Rose on their date. I couldn’t help the venom that came out in that thought. Namjoon had left a few hours ago, telling us that he was hanging with a friend and wouldn’t be back until late. {Yeah, a friend... Though I’m sure you’re hoping it won’t stay that way...} I stayed in my room feeling anxious, claustrophobic, and sick to my stomach. I couldn’t help myself from looking up the address for the theater. I saved it in my phone and decided to walk there. Of course, I wouldn’t go in and drag her out, but maybe I could catch a glimpse of her afterwards. Maybe it wouldn’t work out, maybe...
I cursed myself for being such an idiot all week. The thought of her rejecting had overwritten my fear of losing her all week. Only now could I see how stupid that was. If I had confessed to her, there was a chance that I would lose her, but also a chance that I could gain a lot more. But by sitting back, I guaranteed that I would lose her, there would be no chances. {Stupid, stupid, stupid!} I grabbed my mask, jacket, hat, and sunglasses and practically tripped my way out of my room. I stumbled into Hoseok who was apparently just about to come in.
“Where are you going?” Hoseok asked. He looked at what I was carrying and I practically saw the wheels turning in his head as he pieced it together. He looked back up at me and I knew that he knew. “Is that a good idea?”
“It’s all I have left,” I told him. He nodded his head in understanding. The guilt came back as I saw the look on Hoseok’s face, complete resignation. If it weren’t for Namjoon and me, he probably would’ve confessed by now, and I’m sure they’d be dating already. Hoseok had a personality that everyone can’t help but love and, before now, he was never the type of person to hesitate. It was only because of me and Namjoon that he wouldn’t let himself try to be happy with her.
“Don’t worry,” Hoseok settled his hand on my shoulder, “I know that you love her a lot more than I do.” {How can our sunshine always know the exact words we need to hear? I swear he can read minds}. “More than Namjoon. If there’s still a chance, you should go for it.” Then he gave me a genuine smile and I felt better.
“I’m sorry.” I really was. I was sorry that we were in love with the same girl. Sorry that for some reason, I couldn’t give up this time.
“Don’t be.” He smiled brightly. “As long as she’s happy. Whether it’s you...or Namjoon. Now, go before you run out of time.” He turned me and directed me towards the door. I gave him a grateful smile before putting on my disguise. {Hoseok is definitely a better person than me. I keep telling myself that if she chooses someone else that I would be okay as long as she’s happy, but I know that that’s a lie. It would hurt too much, and I’m afraid that I wouldn’t be able to keep from showing it}. Hoseok on the other hand, well, he’d already proven that he can act like everything’s okay. And I thought that, even though he wouldn’t be happy, he would at least be content with her happiness. Which was a lot more than I could say for myself.
It took an hour and a half to walk to the theater. I walked around the back and heard music still playing. {How long are these things anyway?} I decided to wait around the side of the building until it was over. The front wasn’t safe because I could be more easily spotted. The back wasn’t safe either because I already saw people waiting to greet the actors as they left. I fiddled with a few games on my phone until I heard roaring applause. Five minutes later, I saw as people began to leave. By now it was dark, so the sunglasses were off. This meant that I had to be more careful. I walked to the front and waited next to a pillar that was out of the way enough that people weren’t likely to pay attention to me but still offered a perfect view of the front doors.
After the flux of people leaving started to thin, I began to worry that I had missed them. Right when I was contemplating looking around, I saw them. More importantly, I saw her. Namjoon was wearing a formal suit along with a mask which hid most of his face and it looked like he had dyed his hair. That definitely wasn’t allowed, so it was probably temporary dye just for the occasion. He wouldn’t easily be recognized. Rose, though…Rose was breathtaking. She was wearing a form-fitting, yet conservative, blue dress that started as a cobalt blue at the top and faded into an almost black, midnight blue at the bottom. Small jewels dotted the dress, making her look like a walking night skyline. The other women leaving the opera were wearing similarly fancy dresses, many of them far more revealing that Rose’s. But none of them could compare to her.
I watched as the two of them began to descend the stairs. Namjoon wrapped Rose’s hand around his arm and I immediately became jealous. {Please don’t tell me it’s too late}. I decided to follow them and find out, to make sure I didn’t make a mistake and confess to a taken girl. Right when I stepped out of my spot, I saw group of young girls heading my directions. I quickly hid again and waited for them to pass. After I was sure they were gone, I stepped back out. And of course, in a matter of thirty seconds, I lost the two of them. I frantically started looking for them. Suddenly, I heard high-pitched screaming. Actually, it sounded like...squealing. {Was it those girls? It’s not by me, so is it by Namjoon? If it is, I need to find them and get them out of there}. Namjoon alone would be bad enough, but if he was with Rose, it would be exponentially worse. And Rose would probably get the brunt of it. I had to find them.
I was somewhat familiar with the area, and I knew Namjoon was too. One time, all of us had been around here for some event. Some fangirls spotted us and we ended up finding the perfect place to hide. {I wonder if he’s heading there}. I followed the sound of the screams. After a minute, I saw the girls running just down the street away from me. They turned down another street. He has to be going there. I was certain that he would take some roundabout path to make sure they didn’t follow him there, so I decided to head straight for the spot.
Within a few minutes, I got there. I hid across the streets to where I could watch if they came. The last time we hid here, Jungkook had accidently discovered that the lock on the gate was broken. Dark plastic slats were weaved through the large links on the chain-link fence making it difficult to see through and unlikely for passersby to even notice. Just behind the gate was a dimly lit small opening that offered a narrow alley on one side and dead-ended.
About five minutes later, I heard feet pounding on the sidewalk. Then they came into view and I saw them go through the gate. I checked to make sure those girls weren’t nearby and followed after them. They weren’t in the opening, so they must’ve hidden in the alley. As I approached, I heard heavy breathing and quiet laughter. I paused just before reaching the mouth of the alley.
“I think we lost them,” I heard Rose laugh breathily.
“Me too. I’m just glad they haven’t fixed the gate. And that you didn’t wear heels,” Namjoon replied, his breathing more labored.
“I think I’m too tall for that.”
“But I’d bet they’d make you look even better.”
“Maybe I’ll do that next time, I need all the help I can get.”
“You don’t need any help. You’re perfect already.” {No, no, no! This cannot happen}.
I stepped into the alley just in time to see the thing I was most afraid of. Namjoon’s back was to me and I couldn’t see Rose’s full face because Namjoon’s was right in front of hers. The LED lighting behind them provided me with a perfect view of everything. I saw Namjoon’s left hand holding the side of Rose’s face right where her jaw met her neck and his right hand gripped her shoulder. His head was tilted slightly as he kissed her. I watched as one of Rose’s hands raised and gripped Namjoon’s forearm and her other hand rested on the hand that was on her face. But she didn’t push him away. I felt like my heart stopped. I stepped back and hid myself around the corner. I felt the tears start to run down my face. {I’m too late. I’m an idiot and I’m too damn late!} I quickly left the hiding spot and ran.
So...don't shoot me please. Let's start with happy news, Jin and Nina. YAY!!! They're cute together. I originally didn't write a lot about them, but people were commenting on them so I decided to do some justice and add an extra 1100 words just for them. I hope you liked that. It was just slightly angsty, but a lot of fluff. Or it felt like it to me.
And now for the rest of it. Yoongi is a bit stupid/oblivious when it comes to relationships, isn't he? Then he finally figures out how stupid he's being and...well... Not much to say on that. Did you see it coming? Be honest. When writing it, I didn't plan it. But like I said, stuff kept writing itself into the story. And sometimes that changes things. So what do you think? Will Rose and Namjoon be a couple? Will Yoongi ever confess? Is there a chance for them? I guess we'll find out soon. The end is nigh!
Thank you all for reading my story and this chapter. Thank you to everyone reading, liking, commenting, clipping, and following. Please don't hesitate to ask questions or comment. Constructive criticism is always welcome. Let me know if you would like to be tagged in future chapters (what few are left). I hope you will continue to enjoy my story and I hope to see you next chapter!!!
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