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My friend, Matilde, talked to me this morning. She's my adviser, the head of the ministry that I'm joining. She's a cool mom. I really admire her. She told me to trust that in God's time, all of these shall pass. A week ago, doctor told me in ten years I'll expect Hea to have colon cancer. That haunts me every day, every night... every time. This afternoon at lunch time I went to the new building to be alone and just breathing in there.... well, crying too. Then I imagined what kind of "Tomorrow" I want. Tomorrow ... hmmm.. I might be in America with my dad and daughter. Probably, they'll discover a cure that will heal her totally. Then, I can work and work hard to earn more. Then my baby will go to a good school. She'll have high grades and be her old self... dancing, playing, running around.. ☺☺☺ It will be one happy small family. Probably, as the years pass, I'm sure I'll be over my ex. I mean I can't love him forever. I EXTREMELY HOPE SO. Then I'll be happy with my life. My baby girl and I will travel together. Do shopping together. Go to beaches and camps (aaah! my favorite stress reliever!) Tomorrow, I can only be better. I can only be stronger.... I hope that God will miraculously heal my daughter. I believe nothing is impossible with him. God will just say to the wind "She's cured". And no doubt, I'm sure she will be healed. Then I remember that line "God gives us more than what we expect." So here I am, inside my room. Far from my daughter who is taking lab tests and other blood tests in Manila. Lonely and just writing this post. I can't be with her because of work... Still working to pay debts... and many reports during end of the month... But hey, once I surpass all of THESE HEAVY CRAZY DEPRESSING PROBLEMS, I can really say "wow, I got through it." So let me be alone, thinking about my beautiful tomorrow. Surely, God's version is better. ☺ I hope to the one reading this, please thank God that you are much in a better situation than I am. Kiss your child who will grow old with you and who'll continually cause you to sermon, your husband or wife who always loves you despite your imperfections, your low salary that's not a deficit. ☺ And please pray for me and Hea. I need it. Thank you. ☺
Try to stay positive, no matter how hard it is...just look forward, try to forget the bad things, as the time passes, it will be better :) enjoy the good momenta in your life :)
Always be positive . . . it will charge you Up 👆
I've lost family and friends to diabetes, I can relate to what you feel :(
may God bless and heal your daughter and give you the strength to carry on
@stalker08 thank you. I will. I'm still smiling everyday despite everything. thanks. God bless you.
I will pray for you two. GOD is good.
thank you so much. I really appreciate it. He is.
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