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Ria, a girl who is in purpose becoming an escort ladies for revenge, is waiting a private time with Kyoji Himi, the reason why her parents suicided and took her happiness away ten years ago. But, how about her revenge when she is in Kyoji's embrace?! ------------------------------------------- This is one of my Izumi Miyazono's favorite story. Like I was said earlier, I love the story when the main characters' age difference is huge. I'm not sure though their age, all I know is the guy was about eighteen years old when the girl was in elementary school. The story is interesting somehow, I just like Izumi Miyazono's drawing. Fascinating somehow. Rating: 6.5/10
Question of The Day

"What is your favorite one-shot manga?"

Mine: "Amnesia --I forget the mangaka-.-"
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whoa you have great taste in manga! i hope i can find this one 😯
thank you 😅 you must read the manga (even i just love 'mask' story)