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The Joker and Harley Quinn
As much as the next person I think the Joker and Harley look cute together but the relationship is horrible. If you ever paid attention to old episodes or even the comics it's obvious that Harley was a victim. Given yes they are both villains and crazy still doesn't make the Joker abusing Harley throughout the relationship any better. That's what I hate about Suicide Squad it only showed cute and loving things about them but in reality that's not how they really were.. and I hate when people say Omg they are an amazing couple #Goals when they are not even close to being it and those are the fake fans who have never read the comics or seen the episodes its the fans who just watched Suicide Squad. So yea I dont ship them.. like I said Cute.. but hell no
I have not read any of the comics since I've never had much interest in the hero type of comics yet the movie appealed to me so I watched it. I found the couple interesting and yea adorable so when someone that has read some of the comics told me about how it is an abusive relationship I could immediately see how that wasn't that portrayed in the movie. Now, as I analyze it... What if this is the beginning like the honeymoon period and then later on with a second movie or sequel they'll start to show the abusive relationship. Still, just because you haven't read the comics doesn't mean you aren't willing to learn and look up somethings. We are not all exposed to the same thing.
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I just wanted to share my view, because I did like the psychological aspect of going crazy for someone or someone bringing the crazy out in you, like a psychopath and a sociopath. @AimeBolanos
@AimeBolanos yeah yeah I know all about that laugh out loud but I also know that Harley Quinn keeps going back to the Joker after all that why I don't know
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@MaddyScoop ✌🌷🌷 you speak the truth this is why there is a lot of Truth in the saying Love is Blind