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Preview for G-Dragon on Infinity Challenge for Muhan Company Special ~~

It'll be spread over a total of 3 episodes ~~

this year's theme is movie/ drama similar to "Signal"

and it's gonna be pretty epic ,❤❤ Like look how bae he looks

The moment a saw this pictures I thought this would be excellent for a "50 shades of GD" fanfiction 😂.
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omg lmao 😂😂😂 They actually do though.....Someone needs to write the fanfic, I'd read it lol ~~~👌👌
a year ago
@PrettieeEmm 😉😉 😆
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somehow it just seems like you're the perfect writer for this 😂
a year ago
ooo @BBxGD i want to watch this with you
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@pandaqueenbee Girl I'm down 😍😍😍😍
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