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Your perspective Pairing: Jungkook x reader Warning: mature content, suggestive
August 26th Literally, I still haven't been back to my own dorm properly. Jungkook is adamant that I stay at the BTS dorm and only allowed me to go to my dorm to get more clothes etc. I completely forgot until this morning that my single 'Legit' won yet another award. My efforts really are paying off. After telling Jin and Tae that I wasn't sure about loving Jungkook, I have no idea what to do. I don't know whether I was being honest or lying and it hurts. This kinda thing takes me back to when I was told August would be busy. You have no idea. I've gone from Jimin to Yoongi to... Jungkook? I don't know, there's too much sexual tension between us to tell if there's actual love there.
I think that's my worry, that once we've made love, that neither of us will want to stay with each other. I want him. Not just that way, for the rest of my life. Travis even seemed to think that I needed someone like Jungkook in my life. Apparently, Kookie is the perfect person to look after me. I can imagine. I was in the middle of a day dream when there was a knock at the door. "Hey Jungkook can I come in?" Yoongi. Unfortunately for me, Jungkook was in the shower and I was still changing. What the hell was I meant to do? I did the only thing my brain told me to do, I ran, with my clothes in hand, into the bathroom, attached into Jungkook's room and hid.
Luck was not on my side today as Jungkook was still in the shower in that room and I was in my underwear. "Y/N? What the fu-" "Shut up, Yoongi is at your door and I'm not meant to be in here!" He seemed to understand immediately, although he did seem a bit flustered by my presence. "Fine. Stay here. I'll get rid of him" He went out and in that time I managed to shove on my clothes. By the time he got back, I noticed that the towel on him was hanging low around his waist. Dangerously low. My eyes took note of the exact position of the top of it. "You done eyeing me up?" "Oh, as if you weren't doing the same when I stormed in here"
"Touché" he smirked as he was going to sort out the towel. "Wowowow!" I stopped him, "at least wait until I'm outta the room yeah?" "Why? Does it bother you?" There was a strange warmth coming from between my legs. "Not in the slightest" I spoke honestly. A sassy look took over his face, "so you wouldn't mind if I moved it down lower?" What? My mind was screaming. WHAT??? I froze. What was I meant to do? I'd never been in this kinda situation before and, trying not to sound slutty, I'd been in most situations possible with a guy. "Well I-"
With no warning, he did the unimaginable, the towel moved down lower and still wasn't revealing his privates. Thank god. Well.... It was still showing too much. "Yeah I'll leave you to finish off" I gulped before heading out his room to once again get myself a drink. God's sake, why is he making me so thirsty?? I gulped down half a cup of water and just tried to relax. Of course with 7 other guys in the dorm, there was never a chance at perfect relational silence. "Our little Kookie got you flustered?" Jimin asked as he got himself a small pot of ramen. "He's the biggest flirt I've ever known" "Apart from me of course"
"Well... Yeah. I guess. He kinda makes you seem pretty pure" "Oh I taught him well" "You'd call that good work?" "Why what's the matter?" I whispered the current situation to Jimin and he kindly listened carefully to each word. "So you have a craving for him?" "What?" "Seems like you're a bit horny over it" "Chim!" "You are though, I'd tell him if I were you. I'm sure he's in the same state" "Well I mean... We have already-" "No way!!!"
Speak of the devil, Jungkook walked in, fully dressed, and found himself some kimchi. I looked over at Jimin hoping that he'd say nothing about what you'd just discussed. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I could see he was about to burst and so I turned the corner so I was out of their sight but I could still hear the conversation. "What's up with you and Macky then?" "Oh. Ur what do you mean?" "I was just talking to her actually" "Yeah? What about?" No Jimin, don't please. "About you two in fact" "Yeah..." "Well considering I know that you've been at it with her, I just wanna know how you got her so thirsty?"
"Thirsty?" "Oh you know, anyone can feel the sexual tension between you two" There was a bit of silence, I was legitimately at the edge of my seat. "You've noticed?" "I think all your hyungs have" "Well, what do I do?" "If you ask me I'd say make her yours" "Like ask her out?" "No I mean marry her, of course I mean go out with her pabo" "Hyung!" He groaned, "it's..." "Ask her out!" "I can't!" "Why not?" "I just can't and anyway I'm pretty sure we keep a close eye on each other, after all we are kinda in love"
"Kinda? Huh. Sounds fun maknae. Looks like you've got a handful. Especially since she's eavesdropping" I freaked. How could Jimin know? I was about to walk away from my position when Jimin came round the corner, grabbed my hand and dragged me over to Kookie. "Seriously kids, either make out and date or just be friends" After his closing statement, Jimin marched off. There was an awkward silence until... "So I make you thirsty?" He just had to smugly ask me didn't he??? "Shut up Jeon Jungkook!" "Oh. Using my full name now? That must means it's true" "I will punch you"
"But you haven't denied it" "I haven't proven it either" Idiot, that pabo I swear. He flipping strode over to me, at that point, and brought me closer to him. His body millimetres away from mine. "So this sorta thing doesn't make you go crazy then?" I bit down on my lip, of course he just had to see right through me - with Jimin's help of course. "No!" I firmly replied. His hand then stroked up and down my sides, making them almost go numb. "Go on, you can say it if you want" Through gritted teeth, I punched him hard in the arm, "fuck you" As I was storming off, I heard him reply, "oh I bet you'd like to"
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