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This Hotel is one that could possibly compete with the "Krusty Towers"

A man took to the hotels special request and decided to have a bit of fun

and let's just say ....this hotel doesn't disappoint~~

and do not fret they go their bacon lol

and the trolling didn't stop there..

and the hotel basically said ...

"Challenge Appected"

. .

Are you daring enough to take to the special request? What would you ask for?

I thoroughly enjoyed this. did you get over charged on special requests?
First, for months my account wasn't confirmed with my email account - the laziness. But I had to do that in order to comment and like/love here. Basicly what I have to say that I really enjoyed this magical adventure of yours. I can't help of picturing a cute guy smiling at youvat all times when you're making this requests. Icdunno why. Have s lovely day/year/life.