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“When can I begin working? What kind of Job is it and who is this sitter you have?” Leo asked as he turned and faced Hakyeon. Hakyeon smiled and began to fill him in on the job. It was a simple coffee shop that an Idol ran. So there days where fairly busy. He and Hakeyon had become good friends so getting Leo a job should be no trouble. 

He would be able to meet the babysitter later today as Hakyeon had to go into work.
"Ken is great with the boys and is good at playing pretend. He should be here soon so you can see for yourself what kind of person he is."
Leo nodded but didn't speak after that. His thoughts where on over drive about taking care of Yuki and making sure she was safe and how best to go about that. How long was he going to stay here and would the men ever catch up with them?
“I’ll speak to my boss today and if he’s not too busy i’m sure he can see you tomorrow.” 
There was a knock on the door halting all conversation.
“Hyung is here!” Hongbin and Wonsik cried happily as they ran over to the door. The boys jumped up and down while Yuki went over to Leo. It was second nature to pick her up as soon as she was near. She wrapped her arms around his neck and buried her face in his chest. Passing Yuki Hakyeon gave her a light pat on the head. 
As soon as the door opened Wonsik and Hongbin began talking at once.

“Hyung come meet Yuki!”

“Yuki you gotta meet Yuki!”

“She's our princess and were her Princes!”
The said man grinned down at the boys before looking to Hakeyon for a translation. Two young boys talking at once was hard to figure out sometimes.

“Boys go play while I talk to your hyung.” 

“Okay!” Wonsik nodded. 

“Hey where did Yuki go?” Hong bin asked looking around. At that moment Leo came around the corner carrying Yuki. 

“Yuki come play!” Hong bin smiled up at the girl. Seeing her snuggle into Leo Hakyeon made the decision that it was best if Yuki stayed with Leo for the moment. 

“Why don’t you go play and Yuki will be there in a bit.” Hakyeon spoke to the boys. They shrugged before running off. Seeing a new person Yuki snuggled into Leo’s neck becoming shy once more. 

“Leo this is Jae-hwan but we call him Ken. Ken this is Leo and Yuki. They are our new roommates.” 

“Oh. Hello it’s nice to meet you. I’m Lee Jae-Hwang. ” Ken bowed politely. Leo looked at the smiling boy up and down. He appeared nice but Leo knew all too well that looks can be deceiving. Leo didn’t say anything as he gave a slight nod in acknowledgement. He had learned at young age to be wary of any person coming into his life. He still wasn’t sure of Hakyeon. It was only for Yuki’s sake that he was staying. If he didn’t have Yuki he would of left by now. 

“Ken watches the boys for me while I’m at work. I have to go to work but I wanted you two to meet and see how he is with the kids. So go about as if things where as they usually are.” Hakyeon informed the two. Ken nodded and went to find the boys. 

“Yuki.” Hakyeon spoke gently to the shy little girl. Her eyes were wide as if scared. 
“Ken Oppa is a nice man. Don’t be scared.” The young girl smiled and reached out to pat Hakyeon on the head. She still didn’t leave Leo’s arms. 

“Alright well I’m off to work before I’m late. Have a good day Yuki, Leo. I will see you when I get home.” He smiled at them. Yuki waved content in Leo’s arms. 
“Boys I’m leaving!” Hakyeon called. 

“NE!” They called before being gently scolded to say a proper goodbye by Ken. They ran out and hugged Hakyeons legs. 


“Have a good day Hyung!” 

“Ne! Look after Yuki well okay.” He bent down and hugged the boys. “Remember if she doesn't want to play she doesn’t have to! Okay?” 

“Ne Hyung!” The boys chorused. He smiled at them patting their heads. 
“I’m off!” He waved going out the door. 

“Have a good work day Hyung!” Ken called with a wave before shutting the door. 

Anytime Ken was in sight Leo’s gaze never left him. He watched how Ken drew super heroes for the boy, played super hero, Cops and Robbers. The boys never let Ken rest. It was amusing how they knew just how to get Ken to do just about anything they wanted. Ken had a small chance to rest as they all ate lunch. He declared nap time after everything was cleaned up. Leo could tell Yuki wanted to go play but the Ken made her nervous. Leo didn’t mind and found ways to keep her entertained. He quietly sang to her as he laid her down for a nap as well. 

“Appa’s here.” He assured her as he stroked her hair. Her eyes began to droop before finally shutting. Still feeling slightly sick Leo began to feel his eyes droop as well. It wasn’t long before his eyelids felt too heavy to hold open. 
Yuki woke to a head poking into her room. Wonshik was on top of Hongbin. They shared a grin and whispered for her to come play with them. Yuki looked over at her Appa who was still sleeping. She then looked back at the boys. She really wanted to go and play with them but that knew man was here. He seemed nice but kind of weird. He had a keon ko. (Big Nose.)

“Scared.” She shook her head. Stumbling over each other Hongbin and Wonshik made their way into the room. 

“Yuki!” Hongin spoke placing a hand on her shoulder.
“We your Princes! Remember the princes always protect the Princess!” 

“We’ll always protect you!” Wonshik spoke as he stood and placed his hands on his hips. Hongbin nodded and stood next to Wonshik doing the same pose. Yuki smiled and climbed to her feet. Leo watched the scene through the slits of his eyes. He was awoken when the boys stumbled in to come find Yuki. It was cute to watch the boys interact with Yuki so he pretended to be asleep. 

“So you’ll come play then?” Hongbin asked with a dimpled smile. Yuki nodded and began to follow the boys out. She stopped when she got to the door and ran back to give Leo a kiss on the cheek. Leo smiled and began the annoying process of waking up. He watched as Yuki hurried over to the boys. They waited for her and began to “sneak” out of the room before closing the door. Leo chuckled and stretched a few of his bones cracking in the process. 

Yuki, Wonsik, and Hongbin all sneaked down the hall.
They stopped at the corner and peek their heads around the wall. Ken was passed out on the couch. His mouth open slightly as snores came from it. 
“The dragon is sleeping!” Wonsik whispered.

“Let’s attack him.” Hongbin whispered a smirk appearing on his face. 
“What should we attack him with?” Wonsik spoke his thoughts out loud. He placed a finger to his chin and looked at the ceiling. Hongbin wasn’t sure either. They where all trying to think of something but for some reason they couldn’t think of anything. 

“Use a pillow.” A quiet voice belonging to Leo spoke causing the three youngsters to jump. Leo smiled at them and bent down to hug Yuki.

“We have pillows!” Hongbin spoke excitedly. 

“That’s a good idea Hyung.” Wonsik nodded.
“Let’s go get them!” he and Hongbin ran to his room. 

“Are you going to help attack the big nose dragon?” Leo asked Yuki. She seemed nervous but it was obvious she wanted to.
“Appa will be watching so don’t be scared. It’s okay to go have fun with the boys.” He assured her. She smiled and quickly ran to get a pillow. Once the kids all had a pillow Leo instructed them on what to do.

“Okay, Hongbin you take his head. Wonsik his legs. Yuki the stomach.” 
The kids all had a serious yet mischievous face. They nodded all nodded. Pillows clutched in hands they began to sneak over to the big nose dragon. Leo watched from the hallway ready to intervene if needed. 

“NOW!” Wonsik shouted and they all began to hit Ken. Or as he was now nicknamed Big nose dragon.
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