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Betrayal is in my blood, lies are my truths, and death is my sin.
I must betray him, I must lie to him, I must kill him.
He will hunt me and I will run. I'm a killer, but a savior, he's a savior, but a killer.
His eyes saw the truth he didn't know.


"YongSun, please! It's my only request! Please let him go. I did what you told me." I bowed, pleading.
"I got what you wanted and I'm going to find this Death Angel, I promise." The Black Dragon's leader was sitting in his chair, back towards me, agitated.
"He's not gonna say anything, he's just a poor abounded BangTan dog. You don't really need him anyways."
"I said NO." He turned his chair, facing me. "Why do you wish for me to let him go?" He eyed me.
"Because I don't see the point of you keeping him any longer, down there. He won't give anything away. We're just wasting time with him. I don't see why you can't just set him free." I walked up to his desk, placing my hands flat on the glass top.
"You're right, it's a waste. That's why instead of letting him go, I'll kill him."
"That way, he can't go crawling back to those leeches. There's no point in him living either. I think it's time we put him out of his misery." He crossed his legs.
"Dad! No!" I stood straight, hands fisted at my side. "We don't always have to KILL. Mom wouldn't approve." I try to live by my mom's morals. It was hard at times.
"HOW DARE YOU!" he slammed his hands onto his desk almost breaking the glass. "Ai is no longer here! GET OUT!!"
"Hypocrit..." I said as I walked out, slamming the door shut. (Damn it…arrrgh!) I couldn't help Jimin's friend.
When I found out Jimin was a undercover federal agents and one of his friends was missing, I ran to my step dad's lair, as I like to put it. (Jin.) Jin was the name of Jimin's friend, co-worker. Jin was also the name of the man I and YongSun's men captured and locked away. Jin was the man I had to beat to try and get information out of him. Jin was a federal agent, undercover.
If Jimin knew what I had done...he would hate me...he would sentence me to prison...he would end me. (Why do I care? Airam, why do you care?) I left the warehouse (Jimin…Jin...I'm sorry....Mom…forgive me.)
(I'll make it right.)

[JIN's P.O.V.]

I heard a small whisper, thinking it was the wind, I ignored it and kept my eyes closed. The door creaked open. (Not again…no more…I don't plan on giving you guys anything.) I still kept my eyes shut, until I felt someone tugging at my chains. I open my eyes, darkness greeting me. I heard clicking sounds and felt my left wrist free of it's cuff. My eyes adjusted and I saw a figure move to my right side, un-cuffing my right hand. I was about to ask who it was when hands covered my mouth.
"Shhh…" It was barely audible.
The figure was covered in black from head to toe. The hoodies was hiding the face. I couldn't move, my joints hurt as the person grabbed my arm wrapping it around their shoulder and hoisting me up. Carefully and quietly we walked around in the dark, I knew we were no longer in the cell i was Locked up in because the walk was long and straight for a while before we had to make a sharp turn and our pace picked up.
I stared to hear voices and guns being fired. (Are they shooting at us?! No it sounds further away, like it was coming from outside.) We walked faster and further away from the now shouting voice and gunfire. I struggled to keep up. I started wondering why there was no light when the person set me down and opened a window. It was midnight and the moon was full, lighting our path.
We crawled out the window and drop a bit. Pain shot up my leg and I wanted to shout but kept it in. I wasn't completely sure who this person was and what was the plan but I knew one thing, I didn't want to end up dead or back inside the cellar.
"Slow...*huff*....down..*huff*" I couldn't breathe and I needed a break. The person shook their head and reposition me, trying to take most of my weight. We continued moving.
There were moments where we had to stop and hide. It seem like the black dragons were under attack by another gang, a rival. I heard shouting, gunshots, to even explosions. The Black Dragons owned lad with many warehouses, I was so confuse as to where we were and how far we had been walking. The person suddenly yanked me up and ran.
I glanced back and saw a few people fighting each other, close to where we were hiding. We ducked as we heard bullets fly close to us. They were firing at each other. I heard a grunt and we fell to the ground. The person in black gripped their shoulder, blood. The person was shot by a stray bullet and that didn't stop him. We got back up and continued, heading into the woods. The trees hid and protected us some from bullets.
We didn't slow down until we where far away from the Black Dragons territory and could no longer hear anything. We were in the middle of the woods. I was going to say how much further, that I couldn't last longer, but then I saw a small building a few feet away. I was set down. The hooded person disappeared behind the abandon looking house. A minutes later, the front door swung open.

[JIMIN's P.O.V.]

I told Airam everything. (Why? Why did I do that? Why did I tell her everything…?) I paced around the apartment, puzzled by my mix emotions. I was confused at the fact that I told her EVERYTHING, worried that she left and has yet to come back, angry that I broke the rules, and tired. I blew my cover to my roommate, for what? I prayed she wouldn't say anything to anyone. I texted her just to make sure she was ok, but I got no response. I was starting to wonder where she went, what she was doing.
I sat down and placed my phone in front of me, trying to stop myself from texting and calling her. She need time to processes everything. My phone flashed and I picked it up quickly, hoping it was Airam. It wasn't. I felt disappointment when I saw it was Momo.
Momo: > Hi oppa, how's everything? ^^<
ME: >Fine. <
Momo: > oh ok. Did you have a talk w/your roommate yet? <
ME: > Yes. No need to worry. Gtg. <
Momo: > Oh okay, bye…<
I wasn't up to having a friendly conversation with Momo. I had other things on my mind. Just as I was about to set my phone back down, it flashed at an incoming text. Sugar.
Suga: > update : There's 2 gangs fighting. Black Dragons & Devils. <
The first thought that ran through my mind was Jin, if he was ok. The second thought was that I need to get him out of there, now. I ran to my room and got my things, rushing out of the apartment. I texted both Momo and Suga telling them what I was going to do. Without hesitation, they joined me, we work as a team.
Before I head out to the Black Dragons’ location, there was one more person I need to find. He was good at sneaking in undetected and out. He had connections and he was a skilled fighter.

[JIN’s P.O.V.]

I must have blacked out because when i woke up, I was already inside, wounds cleaned and bandaged, and laying in a bed. The place looked worn out, old. There was a little lamp near me and a few lit candles all around the room. In a corner near the entrance, was a black blob. the light from the candles barely lit the place up so it was hard to see, but I could make it out. It was the hooded person who got me out of that hell. Their head was down, resting on their arms that was resting on their knees. I wonder is the person was sleeping.
I sat up even with the pain and examine the place and person more. (I wonder…who is it? Why did this person help me?) The curiosity was getting to me and just as i was about to speak, I heard a car screech and people yelling. The hooded person jumped to their feet and grabbed me, just as people bursted inside, holding us at gun point.
“Well, well, what do we have here?” We slowly put our hands up.
“A BangTan and who is this?” A man walked up closer, his gun trained on us.
With his gun, he pushed the hood back revealing a face. I was dumbfounded. (H-how? W-when? WHAT!?)
The man didnt recognize the person. He looked confused as I was. with a flick of his head, his men grabbed us, twisting our arms behind our backs, I bit my tongue to keep out from screaming and I was sure the person did to for they had a bullet wound in their shoulder. They tied our hands and feet, carrying us on their backs.
It was still dark outside, and there were even more men and two black vans. we were thrown into one, pain exploding on impact. The shut the door on us and then a minute later, the van moved. I had no clue who these men were nor what they wanted with us. it felt like we’ve been driving for hours. Neither of us said anything, nor did the person even glance at me.
“Hey.” I called out to the person, nothing. “Hey, I’m talking to you.” I got agitated.
“YA!” this time it got a reaction, she glared at me. “Why are you here?” She kept glaring. “Do you know who these guys are?” (This punk, how dare she ignore me.) Honestly, I was a scared of her, but not as much as before. She looked pale. (Most be losing a lot of blood… Why do I care, after what she’s done to me?)
“Jin…right?” she whispered. I almost thought I imagined it.
“How do you know my name?” I questioned. she looked away.
“Devils.” She said.
“Devils?” I thought I misheard.
“These guys are the Devils. A gang. You should know this.” she said as she started squirming around.
“Hey, I’m just a guy. How would I know the name of all the gangs?” She glanced at me, an eyebrow raised. “Do you make habit of avoiding questions?” She glared once again. (Brat.) She didn’t look as dangerous as before.
The van hit a bump and we went into the air. I crashed back down, but the girl had actually used the air we got to bring her hands, that were tied, under her legs and back up front. She reached into her from pocket and pulled out a cell phone. (Wow…) She started texting someone, until the van slowed down. she pocketed the phone, hiding it in her chest this time. This girl was smart, but of course she was, she was part of the Black Dragons. She stood up, her back pressed against the roof of the van to steady herself, as she brought her hands down and her legs over. Her hands were now back behind her. ( I wonder what her plan is.)
The van stopped and the doors opened. she winked at me as they took us out. The lights went out in my eyes as a sharp pain form in the back of my nape. I blacked out.

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